All I Do is Win or Do I?

Becoming a True Game Changer by Embracing Your Failures

As a lifestyle and procrastination expert, I help professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, students and everyone in between stop procrastinating, stop quitting and start succeeding in business and in life. And over the course of my travels and my work, there are a couple of things that I’ve learned that are essential for success.

Understanding that failure is often the name of the game that you have to play to win, here are some key steps into becoming a True Game Changer:

1. Re-program – Yes, we must reprogram our minds. Our great Creator wired us for success but society has programmed us to fail. I was always taught that leaders are readers and it may seem cliche but it’s true, If you want to be a financial guru, make sure you study wealth, identify mentors and invest in yourself. Re-program your mind with success principles, positive affirmations, instructional teachings, etc. so that you can truly understand the wealth game (or whatever other kind of a game you choose) and master it. My recommendation is to spend 30 minutes daily to focus on these transformative teachings.

2. Just Pick Three – I know that we have laundry lists of things to do in our lives every day. It’s important to prioritize three buckets of items and systematically work through them so that you achieve results. I lump them into 3 categories: Will Do, Should Do and May Do. To be a game changer, I emphatically recommend that you attack three and only three of the Will Do’s Daily. These are your MVP’s: Most Valuable Priorities.

3. Measure and Assess- After you understand the game, re-program your mind, and tackle your MVP’s, you have to measure and track key behaviors that are working and those that are not working.

I know this sounds simple. But Oprah, Michael Jordan, Colonel Sanders and Norman Vincent Peale not only understood the power of failure and success along with these game changing principles, they also knew that consistency and accountability were essential for the creation of momentum in their lives. These icons found coaches and mentors to guide them along the way. So here’s my coaching advice for you today: Change is not an event, it’s a process, and if you want to be a game changer you must give yourself the time and tools to change.

Chris Cooper is the president/CEO of Execute Your Passion, LLC, an Atlanta-based professional services firm specializing in motivational seminars and leadership and professional development training and services. Cooper has an engaging demeanor that attracts passion seekers, career changers and everyone in between to push the limits, execute their passion and get things done so they can “Achieve Their Dreams.” He is the author of ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS: 26 Quick Keys to Succeed in Life. In addition, he is the host of Limitless Radio on WDYJ 99.1 FM every Monday from noon to 1 p.m. Find his books, seminars, upcoming events and more at