Theologian and professor Dr. Robert Franklin is cited as saying that a leader should possess the qualities that he describes as “The Five Wells.” When he said that a man should be Well-Read, Well-Spoken, Well-Travelled, Well-Dressed and Well-Balanced, he must have had the South Fulton lifestyle in mind. The gentleman who resides or works in South Fulton is all of these things.  Or perhaps he is striving toward one of these goals. He is a good steward of his hard-earned money, but will spend a little more on something that he deems to be of high quality. Despite what others might lead you believe, he is a family man, ferociously protective of his wife and progeny. Quality time is important to him and he knows that the time he spends with his children is time well spent. There are great examples of fatherhood in this community, and it is our pleasure to spotlight these men.

In this issue, there is something for everyone. To expand the lives of the Well-Spoken, there is segment on a motivational speaker’s new book and radio show; a travel guide to Turks and Caicos for the Well-Traveled to explore; to entice the Well-Dressed, a superb feature on men’s fashion; and a calendar full of events to enjoy with your sweetheart or family members to invigorate the Well-Balanced. And as you peruse the magazine, the Well-Read will be fulfilled. You will find tips that will help you edify your mind, body and soul. And as always, we are pleased to highlight businesses, families and students in our community. Happy June and here’s to the South Fulton Renaissance men and those who love them.

I recently took my own little Renaissance-man-in-training, AJ, to the 137th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll as a guest of the TAPS program. TAPS is dedicated to caring for military survivors and the families of our fallen heroes.

So often good things go uncelebrated. If you know of something good happening in beautiful South Fulton, please email us at