Introducing Metcode 2

Breaking the Code of Standard Men’s Fashion

There has been a shift in fashion over the last forty years. Long gone are the days of men dressing in full suits for work and children getting washed up for dinner. The working man has transitioned from suits with a tie to not wearing a tie and unbuttoning the color. The 70’s ushered in flash and the butterfly collar. The office went from corporate dressing to casual. There was a time when it was easy to judge a person’s profession or level of success by the way they dressed, but not anymore.

The millennial man is an entrepreneur sporting a full arm tattoo and a grungy t-shirt. This normcore trend is okay for the basement tech head or Starbucks barista, but the self-employed phenomenon has made this generation lazy dressers. Parents working from home pick their kids up in sweat pants often similar to the ones their kids are wearing. Dressing up for a boardroom meeting is no longer required when the meeting is in a local coffee shop. Men are the same as they were years ago only now the pace of life is ten times faster. There is no longer time to iron, shave, text and update Instagram in the 30-minute window before rush hour. Most will settle for khakis and a polo shirt. The average employed man is constantly on the go with little time to be concerned with lapels and pocket squares.

However, there are still men that aspire to dress well and this is why MetCode is essential. The company’s mission is plainly stated, “Creating better dressed men daily.” MetCode is the Netflix of men’s accessories. They provide accessory rentals to members for a monthly fee. The process is simple. First, become a member and purchase a monthly service for as low as $20 per month and in 3 rto 5 business days, the items selected from their list of goods are in the mailbox. Also, similar to Netflix, there is no due date on the rental without late fees or penalties.

“We do offer a deep discount if our members are interested in the items for purchase,” Co-owner Donald Hawkins states,

MetCode has hit an untapped market. Hawkins says the company’s future plans include a new division called MetCode Black. MetCode Black features a custom tailoring service where members can purchase a custom-fit, tailored suit for less than $400. This includes an in-home tailoring service, fabric selection and free delivery.

What makes this brand innovative is their insight into the needs of the male buyer. MetCode has managed to streamline the shopping process down to a few clicks. This means more time for watching sports or a round of golf. Their influence has the capability of catapulting a demographic of new age gentleman.

The name MetCode was derived from the term “metrosexual,” a once overused term to describe stylish men. The owners decided to marry the term with the idea of the “man code.” MetCode is the future to cracking the code of the needs of today’s stylish man.  Their mission of building a better-dressed male community might possibly create a spark in men who desire to break the underdressed habit of resorting to t-shirts and jeans.