Three Easy Steps to a Healthier You 1

There’s nothing like the smell of weathered leather, rubber mats and that odd mix of cologne and sweat that usually fills up the gym on any given day. While some may disagree, my love affair with the gym is only enhanced by the usual activity that most people fear. Why is it that so many of us shy away from heart healthy activity that will only keep us fit, trim and ready for a long life, hopefully free of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a litany of other ailments?

I’m a father of a two-year-old boy, and soon to be father of two small children. It’s imperative that I set an example for my son about the importance of an active lifestyle. Coaching basketball and training clients are not enough; I make it a point to show my son and my young athletes the importance by prioritizing it in my own life by staying active. And, I keep a positive attitude about physical fitness and exercise.

The prevalence of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes is far too high, specifically in the black male community. I challenge all men out there that are not already in an exercise regimen to dedicate at least one day a week for 30 minutes of some sort of physical activity. Better yet, bring a friend or if you have a young child, bring them, too. Here’s my recommendation for the week:

  1. Challenge yourself this week to limit soda intake and processed carbs (chips, bread, desserts, etc.)
  2. Pick one day for a 30-minute walk or jog with a family member or friend
  3. Pick one of the following exercises: 3 sets of 20 pushups, 30 sit-ups, 40 squats or  a 20 minute sprint/jog

Then start it all over again next week. That’s all for now. Time to hit the gym!

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