Teachers at the head of the class

What all good teachers have in common, however, is that they set high standards for their students and do not settle for anything less.
Marva Collins
Marva Collins’ Way

There are lots of educators in my family. There may be more educators than any other profession. In fact, I’m told that my great-great grandmother was the teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. Many communities believe that education is the key to rising above adversity. Here at South Fulton Lifestyle, we are pleased to honor some of the best in the area. To say that it was difficult to get them to toot their own horns is an understatement. The teachers we spotlight in this issue are very humble and modest to a fault. The job they do is tough and they deserve the fanfare. They set high standards for both their students and themselves.

Parents, it’s time to hang up those swimsuits and flip flops and get ready for another school year. We have some tips for choosing the right school, how to raise a bilingual genius, and some education highlights from our local politicians. More good things are just around the bend, South Fulton! We hope you enjoy our Back to School issue. We definitely enjoyed putting it together for you.

If you know an outstanding educator in South Fulton, please send your suggestion to us at EMitchell@lifestyle.com. We are always interested in your story ideas, especially about the people in our community. In addition, we welcome your comments and feedback.