Book Baskets

How to Make the Most of Your Commute or Quiet Time by Increasing Your Children’s Literacy

Book Baskets are a practical way to store your children’s library book selections. It helps to keep the books in one place so they don’t get mixed in or lost among the books that you own at home.  It’s also an easy way to transport books from the library to your home.

Maintain Book Baskets in the car if you are an on-the-go family, or in the bedroom or family room. Any space where your child is free from distractions, including toys, television, or devices is a great place to set up baskets. Rotate the books in the basket every 10 to 14 days to keep the children engaged and interested in reading.

You may want to consider including poetry books, graphic novels aka comic books, or self-instruction books like How to Make Paper Airplanes.  Get comfortable browsing the children’s non-fiction section. You may be surprised about what you will find there.

After several trips to the library filling your Book Basket, you will become more comfortable with your book selections. Your kids will tell you what they love and hate about your selections. Keep an open mind and allow them to explore their interests. I recommend reading the inside cover, the back cover, and flipping through some of the pages to make sure your selection is age appropriate.

Talk to your librarian about popular children’s books and place them on hold if they are not available at the library. Use book lists, like the “2014 Notable Children’s Book List” to or “My Favorite Books of 2014” to make some good selections.