Dynamic Divas

Introducing the Real Wives of South Fulton… The ladies that represent our community as the Real Wives are each vivacious and dynamic in their own right. They are not only beautiful but also are intelligent, leaders in their fields, and CEO’s of both their offices and their households. They were thoughtfully selected from your recommendations after completing an extensive application process. (We appreciate all of our reader feedback. Stay up to date with SFL as more giveaways and contests come your way via our Facebook page.)

What we learned was that there are so many women making a difference. In this issue, we will celebrate six of these amazing wives, who also happen to be mothers. The most gracious Lady Jo Roberson Edwards, herself a resident of South Atlanta, opened up her posh fashion house and event space, C.A.U.S.E. for Elegance, for our cover shoot. (Read more about the charity supported by the house in our Giving Back segment.) What I heard through the chatter of the ladies was something bigger; connections were being formed. Some of the ladies had so many things in common, lived in neighboring communities and had never met. Yet each of these women is leaving an indelible fingerprint on our society.

They were not bickering. They were networking. You won’t see that on reality TV. But you will find it here in our pages. We celebrate the good news in our community and thrive on helping you make such wonderful, useful connections in your neighborhood and business. Enjoy the feature and the articles in this month’s issue. I was truly inspired by unshakable faith, poignant marital advice, and the theme of conquering adversity in the women’s stories. I know you will be, too.

Happy reading, South Fulton!