Imani  Alsobrook 1

Author, Designer and Awesome Kid

Imani Alsobrook is a 13-year-old 8th grader at Wesley International Academy (APS) and has just self-published her first book, Maya in the Middle, which she completely authored and illustrated. The book centers on the life of Maya Hope, a not-so-ordinary 12-year-old girl who’s about to enter 7th grade at a new school. How will she adjust to life’s challenges? The book allows readers to explore Maya’s colorful journal and discover how she not only has to adjust to meet these challenges, but also how she meets new BFFAE’s (Best Friends Forever and Ever), while tackling unexpected drama along the way.

Unlike the vast majority of the teen books ton the market, Imani’s book gives a real, yet fresh perspective of teen life, written and illustrated by an actual teen. The book is both engaging and visually addictive, captivating readers of all ages and making them wonder what is going to happen with Maya and her peers next. Imani plans to produce a series of Maya in the Middle books to allow readers to “grow with Maya.” Imani is already hard at work producing book two.

In addition to being a published author, Imani is also an entrepreneur who started her first business, Peachie Pi Fashions, LLC, at age 11. (Maya in the Middle is sold through Peachie Pi.) Prior to focusing 100 percent of her time on the book, Imani was one Atlanta’s hottest young fashion designers, where her Peachie Pi fashion line was featured in over 27 fashion shows throughout Metro Atlanta, including Atlanta’s top annual fashion shown, Fashion Uncorked. As an entrepreneur, Imani has been interviewed by multiple magazines, websites and on-line video bloggers. Finally, aside from finalizing her book this summer, Imani teaches a fashion design/arts and crafts class every week to girls (age 5 to 13) who attend Lisa’s Dance Spot’s summer camp.

In closing, Maya in the Middle is a first-hand account of how our next generation will be able to set aside their racial differences, find a common core, and become BFFAE’s (Best Friends Forever and Ever). Written for teens, by an actual teen, Maya in the Middle can be purchased as a softback online at or as an eBook at

Imani, a South Fulton resident, is the daughter of Antwon and Monica Alsobrook. She’s an A student who loves hanging out with her friends and enjoys being an older sister to Madison (age 8) and Dylan (age 6). She is a Girl Scout Cadette in Troop 528 at Cascade United Methodist Church, where she is a member. She enjoys acting as a cast member in the “Don’t Be A Bully, Speak Up – Speak Out” play at  Imani is also an orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. She’s doing a lot of great things but genuinely enjoys just being a kid. She whole-heartedly rejects society’s current push that encourages girls to grow up too fast.  She has become a positive tween/teen role model, whether she realizes it or not.