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Jump Right In!


Anyone looking for an authentic, energetic and spiritually compelling worship experience will find that and much more here.

Zion Hill is an excellent example of a multi-generational and multi-cultural congregation. All ages are worshipping, learning and growing together and loving every minute of it. Members and invited guests gather throughout the week for various teaching and learning offerings or for ministry meetings that enliven, educate and engage members.

For the past 21 years, Zion Hill has blossomed with the blessing of pastoral leadership of The Reverend Aaron L. Parker, Sr., Ph.D.   Coupled with his passion for ministry is the fact that he is an academic par excellence who delivers an educational experience within the context of his power-packed preaching and spiritually grounded teaching. The rich religious instruction that he provides is tantamount to that which his students have received over the past 30 years in classes he teaches as professor of religion and philosophy at Morehouse College.

“I believe the Christian church has a priestly role, which is serving people in need, and a prophetic role, which is analyzing society, declaring some of its ills, and pointing toward some possible solutions,” says Pastor Parker. “It is the responsibility of the Church to call for responses to issues that confront people not just individually but collectively, and in so doing, recognize and address family, social, economic as well as the traditional spiritual needs.”

This perspective is expressed in their motto, “Living to Love and Loving to Serve,” which speaks to the primary focus of the church – outreach.  In fact, every ministry and/or auxiliary of the church has an outreach component.  Each week, you will find members serving others throughout the community at personal care homes, medical institutions, schools, assisted living facilities, shelters and numerous other non-profits.  Members of ministries serve as caregivers and provide resources for non-profits that aid the homeless, single moms and children as well as youth groups.

Zion Hill makes annual charitable contributions to colleges and universities, offers food subsidies to needy families, and those acts of service are just on the local scene.  In the wake of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the displacement of numerous families in need of housing and other assistance, Zion Hill provided shelter and nurtured many families to help them rebuild their lives here in Atlanta. Internationally, through its African Initiative Ministry, Zion Hill annually provides resources for lighting, clean water and other basic necessities to brothers and sisters on the Continent. Pastor Parker places emphasis on demonstrating love.

“I try to show love, to explain love as best I can, to affirm the love of God, and to inspire people to love one another,” he says. “This doesn’t mean just sentimental love. Sometimes love is tender, sometimes it’s tough. I’m also a servant of the Church, of the people of God. I try to encourage others to become servants of truth, justice, peace, and most importantly, love.”

Come visit and you will be greeted with a smile and the music ministry will be uplifting, the message will be empowering, and the fellowship will be infectious.  You may just decide to Jump Right In and become a part of this family of faith that is “Living to Love and Loving to Serve.”