Michelle's Picks 4

Peach State Gamerz

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a gamer, except for the times I spent much of my 9th grade year trying to rescue the princess in Super Mario Brothers (which I did, by the way). Or, unless I get to play and dance along South Fulton’s most rockin’ game truck.  Yeah, baby! If you have never seen or even heard of the game truck concept, then let me explain it to you. Take a huge trailer. On one side, add monster TVs that you access from the outside. Inside, add more TVs and 20+ seats for playing the most relevant and up-to-date video games around. The best part: it comes to your door. These guys have got this system down: you reserve online, pay online,  get timely confirmation emails with invites, and they show up BEFORE your party time, ready for your gamers. PRO TIP: Football fans, ask about the NFL Experience.  Congrats, Peachstate Gamerz! You’re a Pick! Find them online at PeachStateGamerz.com.


College Park goes Greek! Or at least Greek food, with the newest addition, Kafenio. Kafenio means café in Greek and owner Johnny G’s recipe for awesomeness is chock full of the best ingredients. The spanakopita is full of fresh spinach and feta, with a perfect hint of dill. The salads and wraps are traditional, yet original and flavorful. I must give mention to the drink selection; it’s vast, from coffee all the way to wine. My kind of place.  PRO TIP: Order the lamb burger. I fed this to my 8 year old and 6 year old, and they ate it up. Pun intended. I didn’t know I could love lamb so much. No, it doesn’t taste like chicken. It tastes like good. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything off the menu. Trust me, I’m working my way down the whole thing.

Congrats, Kafenio!  You’re a Pick!  Find them at Kafenio3387.com.