A Prescription for Laughter 1

South Fulton Comedian 
(and Pharmacist) Lavar Walker Makes it to the semiFinals of Last Comic Standing

SFL: What’s the best thing about living in the South Fulton area?

LW: You can get a big house for a nice price in South Fulton. There are lots of wonderful people in South Fulton too

SFL: What was the best part of representing ATL on Last Comic Standing? How do you think the experience will impact your comedy career?

LW: Last Comic Standing was a great experience. It was my first time doing network television. It was great being judged by icons like Keenan Ivory Wayans, Roseanne Bar, and Norm McDonald. The show has definitely increased my visibility and has opened me up to doing various mainstream clubs across the nation.

SFL: I heard that you are a brand new dad. Tell our readers a little something about your family.

LW: I’ve been married for six years. I met my wife in college. She’s was with me starting out as a comedian. She’s seen me get booed, she has seen me bomb and all the ups and downs I’ve had since starting in this business. We just had our first child in April. It’s a great adjustment, and he brings lots of joy to our lives. Before him it was just us and our little dog.

SFL: You’re a really funny comedian but in the show, you talked about being a licensed pharmacist. Share a little something about wearing your pharmacist hat and comedian hat at the same time.

LW: The pharmacist supports the comedian until the comedian can take over. Comedy is very up and down, especially when you don’t have a big name.  Being a pharmacist gives me some breathing room between shows. Practicing pharmacy allows me to really be able to do comedy from my heart and not out of desperation. Besides, if I wasn’t a pharmacist, I would probably be delivering pizzas or driving Uber between gigs.  Pharmacy beats out both of those. However, I see comedy taking over real soon. But I’m thankful that I always have my education to fall back on. Everybody in Atlanta can see me at Laughing Skull on Oct 30 and Nov 1.