Give Your Bedroom 
Decor Some Spice 3

Refresh Your Bedroom, Refresh Your Marriage

If I told you a bedroom makeover would instantly transform your love life, what would you say?

“Oh, I know she didn’t go there.” Yes. I did.

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day to a master bedroom suite that is inviting, relaxing, and dare I say, romantic. In reality, more than we are willing to admit, our bedrooms are anything but sexy. They serve multiple functions that tend to overshadow the main function—a romantic environment for sleeping and intimacy.

Current research has shown:

Watching TV in bed is bad for intimacy. Couples experience less conversation with one another and miss out on meaningful quality time.

Sharing a bed with the kids won’t allow you to transition from being parents to being intimate partners.

Working on your laptop in bed, or in the bedroom lowers melatonin levels resulting in difficulties getting settled and insomnia.

In fact, the cell phone needs to go, too. Another survey found that 75 percent of Americans say they’re within five feet of their smartphone most of the time and one in 10 check their phones during intimacy. Yikes!

Well, I’m proud to say we took this bedroom from technology central (Thank goodness you can’t see the makeshift computer lap desk in this picture!) to Temptation Island.

Honestly, it’s none of my business what goes down in this couple’s boudoir. My only concern is that whatever they do, they do it in sophistication and style.

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