Yes.  It’s November.  And it’s Thanksgiving.  People say time flies when you’re having fun.  I say time always flies, fun or not. So, it’s that much more important to constantly give thanks, be it November or March, rainy or sunny, good times or bad.  I think there’s something therapeutic about saying “thank you,” especially when people aren’t expecting it.

I can tell you that I’m most thankful for my God, my family and my life.  I use the word “life” here because that pretty much encompasses everything else. I’m thankful for it all.  For what are you thankful?  Do the people for whom you’re thankful know that you’re thankful? Here’s a challenge: every day in November, make it a point to tell someone that you appreciate him or her.  Find a time to be gracious. TIP: Do it when you don’t feel like it, or when the other person really doesn’t deserve it.  Ohhh…that heaping coals on their head thing!  If we do it all month, maybe it will carry over to forever!

Let’s get to the things in this issue for which YOU should be thankful!  Like how to scope out an awesome house in South Fulton, on any budget.  Or, maybe you need a little help in the bedroom—we’ve got that covered, too!  How about some insight on gratitude, from one of our timeless pastors, Mark Couch?  It’s all in here, plus much more.  Shall we?  Oh yeah, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!