Pink Frog Affair

Pink Frog Affair 5

The annual breast cancer awareness event and signature fundraiser featured an evening of poetry, music and dance with gospel legend Richard Smallwood. It was also an occasion to pay tribute to survivors and honor the memory of loved ones.
Photos by Tiffany Powell Photography

It was the best of times…

It was the best of times… 4

In Michelle’s bag 

(also known as “these are a few 
of my Favorite Things”): Louis Vuitton Neverfull—Despite the name, mine tends to always be full Burt’s Bees Lip Balm—Who doesn’t want soft, kissable lips?

The Best of South Fulton

The Best of South Fulton 5

Thank you, South Fulton. When we put out the call for a few of your favorite businesses on our South Fulton Lifestyle Facebook page, you did not hesitate to nominate and vote. Though there were some close calls and even a few ties, most of the results were clear. You’ve definitely got your standout businesses, from the best restaurants to your favorite home repair. You voted! And it is our pleasure to share with you the results.

Best Schools of South Fulton

Best Schools of South Fulton 2

As families investigate the independent school process they will find it similar to applying to college. What families also discover is an extensive application process, school interviews, and standardized testing that children take to be considered for admission.

Fox 5 Anchor Deidra Dukes

Fox 5 Anchor Deidra Dukes 3

She’s a familiar face that visits your home via FOX 5 television on weekend evenings. You often catch her with a serious, professional demeanor anchoring the weekend prime time newscast but today she’s cool, light-spirited and full of smiles.

December 2015 Around Town

December 2015 Around Town 3

South Fulton Lifestyle Publisher Michelle Willis was guest speaker at Woman University’s Phase II event on October 17th at the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce. Michelle spoke about designing a blueprint for your life and business, executing that blueprint, and having impact.

12 Days of Sanity

12 Days of Sanity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas carols, holiday cards, endless dessert, unlimited parties, and don’t forget those unwanted visitors… stress, anxiety, and depression. For many of us, the holidays bring about the very opposite of what society suggests. By December 31st, at the stroke of midnight, we are drained and we swear to ourselves that next year will be different, but the cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression continues. Here are 12 ways to remain sane starting TODAY.

Page Turners Book Review

Page Turners Book Review

During this time of year, we often think about being thankful and giving to others. June Peters, You Will Change the World One Day, by Alika Turner, makes you want to put those warm feelings into action. June Peters is a charismatic, determined and altruistic young girl who is has a desire to learn and experience more of the world around her. She begins to change her world by asking her parents if she could walk to school alone. This request would cause some parents to jump for joy, while causing other parents to cringe with fear. June doesn’t take long to act on her blossoming independent and generous nature, by giving her lunch money to a stranger in need. June, like many innocent and naive children, does not understand why her act of kindness is both well received by others, but worrisome to her parents. She doesn’t allow her parents’ concerns however to sway her from continuing to give to others. June uses her discussions with her parents to grow her one simple act of kindness into a day of service that ultimately impacts many individuals who are in need.

Creating Your Own Family

Creating Your Own Family

With a family the size of a small compact car, I often use the term “family” to describe my friends. My lineage is a long thin vine, rather than a large leafy tree, due to circumstances and odds that would win the lottery, if played. My mom was an only child. My dad was an only. Both of my paternal grandparents were only children. My husband is an only child. And, of course, I round out the roulette wheel as an only. Norbert and I had two kids so fast, it made the four grandparents’ heads spin.

Give the Gift of Turquoise

Give the Gift of Turquoise 6

This beautiful turquoise makes the perfect gift this holiday season. It’s perfect for that special someone on your list, even if it’s a gift for yourself. Stop in to Ten Thousand Villages for unique, handmade gifts from around the world including fair trade baskets, jewelry, crafts and other items from international artisans at 1056 St. Charles Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. 404.892.5307