It was the best of times… 4

Simply put, the holidays are the best time of the year.  You get the best presents, the best food, the best family time, everything!  So, why not celebrate the Best of South Fulton around this time, too.  I’m pretty sure the area has never had a “Best of” celebration, so we have taken it upon ourselves to create one.

YOU, our readers, decided on what you thought were the best burgers, massages, hairstyles, dealerships and several other categories.  We, the staff at South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine, decided to package it in a pretty, gift-wrapped issue to make it a quick reference for you.   Maybe this will make your Christmas shopping a little easier!  Who said you can’t get the best in South Fulton?  We have proven that you most certainly can.

Speaking of “Best Of,” I’ve decided to give you a taste of my personal bests that I carry around all day, just in you decide to ever draw my name out of the Secret Santa Hat.  Check them out; they just might be one of your bests as well.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of all holiday seasons.  Merry Christmas!

Michelle’s Picks

Massage Envy

It reads Massage Envy, but it should read “Facial Envy.”  Only because I got a darn good facial there.  As always, I was welcomed warmly BY NAME, which is awesome.

Like Cheers!  (You’ve got to be in th 32+ crowd to get that one).  And, a little cucumber water never hurts after a hot day outside.  Anyhoot, my aesthetician was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.  After an initial assessment of my skin, she made recommendations for do’s  and don’ts, based exactly on my skin type.  She explained everything each step of the way, being sure to inform of why it was necessary for me to re-enact all of the things she was doing at home.  And she recommended great product, but didn’t force it on me.   An all-around good visit.  If you want a solid entry-line facial, no need to travel far.  Just head over to “Facial” (Massage) Envy.  Congrats!  You’re a Pick!  Find them at

Slideways By now you guys know how much I love food.  Now, I love Slideways food.  First, how can you not go bonkers over the name?  So creative!  Second, the twist they’ve

done on the sliders thing…OMG.  I had the Yolo, the Texan and the Chicken and Waffle.  The Yolo has a batter-dipped onion ring on it.  Nuff said there.  The Texan?

Well, everything’s big (and good) in Texas.  The C&W?  No way anything with fried chicken and waffles in it can be bad.  Should I have eaten it all?   No.  Did I try?  Yes.  I attempted  to make myself feel better by getting the grilled veggies, which were delish (but really healthy).  If I were you, I’d go head first for the sweet potato fries.  Or some more onion rings.  Or fried brussel sprouts.  Somebody, make it stop!

Congrats, Slideways!  You’re a Pick!  Find them at