Sinbad at St. James Live

Sinbad at St. James Live 5

Actor and comedian Sinbad made a visit to South Fulton’s premiere supper club plating with his band. As “Memphis Red,” Sinbad plays with the Funk Stank Nasty band. Photography Darnell Remy

Ironman, the Adrenaline Guy, and Adding Some Color to the Multisport of Triathlon

Ironman, the Adrenaline Guy, and Adding Some Color to the Multisport of Triathlon 3

With Black Triathletes Association approaching 2,000 members, the Black Triathletes Association (BTA) is an organization that promotes fitness and health through the sport of triathlon to the black community. This group offers a place for black triathletes to support, offer advice and mostly encourage one another in multisport activities. They welcome all levels of experience from first Sprint Tri to full IRONMAN.
It might be useful to offer some background here. What exactly is a triathlon and how did this start? According to Felecia Le-Ray Turk, “In the 1970s, a group of military folks in Hawaii decided to challenge each other and determine which group of athletes were the strongest: swimmers, cyclists or runners. So they decided to have a race, which consisted of a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run, and whoever won the race would be called an “IRONMAN.”

Arden’s Gardens

Arden's Gardens 4

Leslie Zinn, an entrepreneur, wife and mother, lives right here in South Fulton’s beautiful College Park. She has an awesome story of overcoming adversity in her life. And, as we chat in the office of the East Point production factory, the overwhelming theme is giving back. The healthy food store that focuses on nutritious juice and the famous 3-day detox was founded by Arden, Leslie’s mother, a woman more motivated by helping people improve their diets and eating habits than making a profit. But her passion along with perfect timing has translated to success. Where Arden left off with creativity, Leslie picked up with business acumen, in spite of some of the unique challenges that face family businesses. My publisher and I sat down with Leslie at their beautiful East Point headquarters facility that at first housed a factory for the famous assortment of juices but soon transitioned to include into a retail store due to popular demand for the products onsite. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for South Fulton Lifestyle.

FHL Mom Conference

FHL Mom Conference 5

The world is made up of us but yet there are so many moments that we feel alone in this journey. I can remember being a single mother reading people’s status updates that said things like, “Being a mom is the best job in the world!” or “I love being a mom! Everyday is filled with so much joy!” I would be reading these status updates as I breastfed my baby or nursed her back to health after one of her thousands of ear infections or after she had just screamed, “I don’t love you!” wondering when I would begin to feel like all my days were filled with endless joy being a mother. That day has yet to come but what I’ve learned is that in this journey of motherhood, it’s my joy that needs to be a top priority as well as loving myself with as much intention as I love my family.

Around Town

Around Town 3

“To me, polo is the one of the things that I can easily keep a direct focus on. It makes me take responsibility for my choices, both long-term and short-term. Without it, I would probably not have something to keep me going each week.” –Caleb Cherry
“My first polo lesson was interesting, especially the part about hitting the ball. My favorite part about the day was watching the match. The experience taught me that playing polo is harder than I thought it would be.” –Cameron Pate

Talking to Kids About Money

Talking to Kids About Money

Did your parents’ teach you about saving early in life? Do you wish that you had a chance to learn how to manage your personal finances earlier in life? The fact is that most children adopt the habits and philosophies that their parents have about money.
Parents will often spend large amounts of time teaching skills that children will naturally pick up, but never teach or even discuss one of the most important habits in life, how to handle savings and money.
“Odds are your kids will figure out how to tie their shoes. I do not see many adults without this skill, but I meet people every day that haven’t learned how to save”

A Healthy New You in the New Year

A Healthy New You in the New Year 1

Nearly every January I see a peak in business from clients who’ve made a new year’s resolution to get in shape. Most of these clients fall off the wagon by February, and of course, there are those who manage to accomplish their goals. In my experience, there are some common traits and steps that can be taken to help you accomplish your fitness goal.

CrossFit Takes Over 
in College Park

CrossFit Takes Over 
in College Park 5

CrossFit College Park is located right off Virginia Avenue, near College Park Cemetery and is host of the popular Graveyard Games is a high performance, strength and endurance partnered competition designed to measure work capacity. The owners gave South Fulton Lifestyle some candid answers to our many questions about CrossFit here on the southside.
Mike, or “Dad” as he is known in the gym, was a two-sport high school athlete and habitual weight lifter from the age of 15. He has completed the CrossFit Level 1 trainer course as well as the CrossFit Mobility Course. In the 2015 CrossFit Open Competition, he finished 77th in the world in his age division.

I Already Had A Cortisone Injection

I Already Had A Cortisone Injection

“I already had a cortisone injection.” I often hear this phrase from patients presenting to me at initial consultation in my practice as an interventional pain physician. When I ask what type of cortisone injection, I am often greeted with blank stares. Patients and even healthcare providers are relatively unaware of the vast array of interventional procedures used to treat chronic painful conditions. A clear understanding of the procedures performed by interventional pain physicians is essential to being an active participant in a patient’s recovery.

Wholeness: Perception or Choice

Wholeness: Perception or Choice

Will thou be made whole? This spiritual question posited by John the disciple, speaks to the heart of personal responsibility for wellness. The question clearly identifies there is a problem, thereby demanding self-analysis. Another translations state, “Do you want to get well?”
Simply put, getting better doesn’t happen by osmosis.

Resolutions, out.
Healthy lifestyle, in.

Resolutions, out.
Healthy lifestyle, in.

Happy New Year, South Fulton! I’m going to forego the resolutions list this year. Instead, I think I’ll take the first steps toward these simple lifestyle changes:
1. Be healthy.
2. Choose happiness.
These are two choices I think we could all use a bit more of in our daily lives. While simply stated, each of us could use some help to getting (re)started. In this fitness themed issue, our staff has taken great care to focus on not only physical fitness, but also mental and spiritual wellness. If variety is the spice of life, we have a mix of sports and recreational options that will liven up any routine. One might just ignite your passion or suit your fancy. Then, once you’ve worked up an appetite, we’ll introduce you to some healthy eating alternatives plucked right from our own backyard. You’ll find feature on Leslie Zinn of Arden’s Garden, plus yummy healthful recipes and inspiration from Blake to start working on a new you by making good choices in the kitchen.