FHL Mom Conference 5

Loving Yourself Intentionally


The world is made up of us but yet there are so many moments that we feel alone in this journey. I can remember being a single mother reading people’s status updates that said things like, “Being a mom is the best job in the world!” or “I love being a mom! Everyday is filled with so much joy!” I would be reading these status updates as I breastfed my baby or nursed her back to health after one of her thousands of ear infections or after she had just screamed, “I don’t love you!” wondering when I would begin to feel like all my days were filled with endless joy being a mother. That day has yet to come but what I’ve learned is that in this journey of motherhood, it’s my joy that needs to be a top priority as well as loving myself with as much intention as I love my family.

I had the honor of attending the Faith Hope Love Mom Conference in November and it was an inspiring and really motivational environment where I was surrounded by all moms. Everything from the round tables we sat at to the phenomenal speakers fostered much needed conversations to be had with other mothers. Listening to the speakers, the underlying theme throughout the day was one anchored in intentional self-love and care.

Motivational speaker and author Diana A. Watley spoke about loving yourself out loud and not being afraid to leave your baggage behind so you can live freely a life of happiness. Fashion designer Tracy Nicole shared an intimate story about her upbringing that lead to incredible strength as a mom and woman. Psychologist Dr. Joyce Irons was our keynote speaker and provided tips and techniques in self-care. Radio personality, HGTV host and author Egypt Sherrod encouraged us to see us in the same truths we see others in.

The conference felt like a warm hug from one of your sisterfriends that already knew what you were dealing with. As moms, wives, business owners, etc. we go so long without taking ourselves that this conference was needed. So often we go to conferences to make us better, writers, better mothers, better professionals but how often do you get an opportunity that says, “Take a day and focus on you.” That’s what the Faith Love Hope Mom Conference was for me. It was that opportunity for me to say, “I take care of everyone else. Now it’s time for me to be intentional about taking care of myself.”

Be intentional about the love and care you give yourself, you deserve it.

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