Wholeness: Perception or Choice

In Search of Spiritual Fitness

Will thou be made whole?  This spiritual question posited by John the disciple, speaks to the heart of personal responsibility for wellness. The question clearly identifies there is a problem, thereby demanding self-analysis.  Another translations state, “Do you want to get well?”

Simply put, getting better doesn’t happen by osmosis.

Wholeness, wellness and healthy mean different things to different cultures, classes of people, one thing that is the same, the box checked, is personal.  Having to choose on a daily basis what encompasses peace, safety and success is an intentional process.  At this time of the year commercials bombard us with visuals that SCREAM our continued success or lack thereof in eating, exercise and financial habits.

My day always begins with some form of spiritual meditation, a water encounter—bath or shower depending on time constraints. The negative ions found in water conductivity support my very non-expensive way of healing me. Then I listen to music— gospel, jazz, or wherever Spirit leads, but it is consistently positive, uplifting, inspiring sounds!  Cooking for love ones, and serving peoples both spiritually and emotional in community is innate; while I seek to find reasons to smile or laugh.

As a former spiritual care coordinator and palliative (treatment rendered to alleviate pain, without curing the disease) team member, our meetings were comprised of a certified physician, social worker, a team of nurses and chaplain, along with an intermittent pharmaceutical advisor.  Hospice provides acute care to individuals and their families with a terminal prognosis.  The goal is to ensure the holistic care for both patient and their primary care givers.

Life as we experience it cannot be compartmentalized; there are natural crossovers and blends.  Remember the movie “Crash?” The cyclical perspective of this movie left viewers all shaking our heads, as Ludacris is seen finally riding in the back of the bus.  Wellness is finding those activities, people and places which cultivate authentic balance.  The creator’s greatest passion is for our lives to be filled with harmonic practices which produce well-meaning fulfillment, within us and community.  Sometimes that means separation, spiritual cleansing, or stepping it up a notch in your already well thought out tailor-made plan.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health, and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”