A Love Letter 
to South Fulton

Hello, South Fulton!

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the one-year mark of bringing you the very best that South Fulton has to offer. The more I explore all of the treasures of our community and as I am enlightened by all there is to see and do, the more I fall in love with this area all over again. We hope that this feeling is mutual and that you are expanding your horizons and adding to your personal neighborhood favorites as you peruse our pages. That’s what I love most; hearing about the ways that you have connected with the people and businesses that you have learned about in our magazine. Be sure to say hi if you run into me, preschooler in tow, at Panache Bistro at lunchtime or shopping at the Marketplace. Whether enjoying a night out at St. James Live or a play at the Southwest Arts Center, we love to chat with our readers. This is a labor of love for our staff, a chance to tell the world all the good things that are happening in South Fulton.

In this issue, we are bringing you something to stimulate all of your senses: from the wonderful aromas and tastebud tickling descriptions in the date night review, recipes, to something to feed your business sense with the South Metro Outlook conference. There’s something for everyone!

Your feedback is what keeps us going. If you have an idea for a feature article or some good news to share, please don’t hesitate to email me at emitchell@lifestylepubs.com. We always need more writers to share their voices and more photos of beautiful scenes from around South Atlanta and surrounding areas to print in the magazine! Please reach out to us! Share the love!