Let the Work I've Done Speak for Me: The Story of Chasidy Adams 3

How Chasidy Worked to Help Others 
In Spite of Her Illness and How You 
Can Help Raise Awareness This 
American Heart Month

Chasidy Adams, who was a young, heart transplant recipient who inspired many friends and family during her short-lived time on Earth.  Despite the insurmountable obstacles that she faced with heart problems, she did not allow her medical conditions to prevent her from living a happy life.  At the age of 13, Chasidy was diagnosed with Dilated Cardio Myopathy (enlarged heart), which resulted in the need for a life-saving procedure.  In October of 2008, Chasidy received a donor heart transplantation and began her new journey of life with a positive attitude.  Both middle and high school years for Chasidy consisted of doctor’s visits and hospital stays.  In May of 2010, Chasidy underwent a second open-heart surgery to repair a leaky valve.  Nevertheless, she continued to excel in academics and even began writing a book about her journey.

In January of 2013, the doctors explained to Chasidy that her donor heart was failing and that they did not expect her to live throughout the rest of the year.  At the time, Chasidy was in the 12th grade and was preparing to graduate high school in May.  Her mom felt that Chasidy may give up after hearing that awful diagnosis but Chasidy’s faith in God allowed her to continue her path that she believed was created for her.  Chasidy graduated high school as an honor student and began her pursuit to a Degree in Mass Communications.  She had outlived the diagnosis given to her by doctors.

While applying for scholarships, Chasidy was shocked to learn that resources for young adults like herself was scarce. Chasidy explained to her Mom that teens who have been transplanted with a donor’s heart and still continue a happy life should be rewarded. Chasidy introduced the idea of creating a foundation that would to offer scholarship and rewards to children in high school as well as those who are pursuing a college career.

Chasidy felt strong about what she believed to be her true purpose in life.  While undergoing a routine biopsy in August of 2013, Chasidy’s donor heart failed and she was not able to complete the task.  Today, her mother, Godmother, nieces and best friend continue Chasidy’s dreams to operate a successful nonprofit organization such as Chattbox Foundation, Inc. (CFI)  CFI’s mission is to provide financial rewards through scholarships and wishes to high school and college students who have been transplanted with a donor’s heart.