Challenging Expectations: 
The Infiniti QX60 1

If you research the new QX60, the tagline states “Challenge your Expectations of Versatile Elegance,” and that’s exactly what it will do.  This luxury crossover sports utility vehicle will force you to cross out your expectations from the view on the outside once you familiarize yourself with the cockpit.  It screams take the family for a long trip and explore the horizon.  It marries comfort and luxury in a Venus fly trap that might not let you go.  So, be prepared on your test drive to take this one home.

The comfort that has the capacity to seat 7 extends into the next 2 rows also, lending you the ability to slide the second row back and forth to suit any of your travel needs.   The tilting feature on the rear seats gives you the Captain’s Chair feel and gives new meaning to the term “back seat driver.” If you have children that go from best friends to “Frenemies,” in the blink of an eye, you will be pleased with the amount of personal space afforded to you in the spacious interior with adequate trunk room for your heart’s desire.

Now let’s get to the teeth of this beast.   All wheel drive pushes this 265 horsepower V6 stallion with a surprisingly responsive yet quiet ride.  This chariot handles like a sedan, and gives you the comfort and child towing capacity of a large SUV.  I found the ride more comfortable in the Normal mode vs the Sport mode.  The Sport mode was to optimize performance, but seemed to only bring the engine noise into the cabin and sacrificed comfort for performance.  It seemed out of character for what this vehicle was trying to accomplish.

The creature comforts and safety aspects of this vehicle raise its head and shoulders above the competition.  I especially appreciated the remote start during the last few weeks of cold enabling me to warm the cabin before going outside.  The most unique feature was the “Eye in the Sky” surround sound view that gave you a 360 degree real time view from above of your vehicle while trying to park.  This in addition to the backup collision prevention system makes parallel parking a breeze for anyone.  This is definitely the vehicle you want to take for your drivers tests.

Overall, the QX60 was a pleasure to drive.  My entire family was able to benefit in some aspect of unprecedented luxury and comfort.  I thoroughly enjoyed the feel on the open road and the styling had me at hello.