Chasing Childhood Dreams

Hey South Fulton,

Can I pose a question? When you were a kid and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? The answers of our South Fulton Lifestyle staff were telling, if not surprising. Donna, our amazing, patient,  Sales and Office assistant wanted to be a teacher. And our hardworking advertising salesperson, Stephanie, envisioned herself as at first as a singer (though she says the world is better because this dream did not come true) and later an architect. Amongst our fabulous publishers, the ever-brilliant Michelle set her sites sights on becoming a doctor and our taskmaster Donald wanted to serve as a police officer. As for me, I signed my name, “Erikka Searles, Future Poet” throughout middle and high school before I discovered that sometimes even the best artists could literally starve before they gained any fame. Then I settled on the more stable librarian before the museum world and art caught my eye. Writing all the while, I taught as an Art History professor before I became the editor of this darling little community magazine, a perfect showcase for your businesses and products alongside your neighbor’s accolades and good news.

This Arts issue focuses on making those childhood dreams come true. Often our dreams are rooted in the arts (Who ever says, “When I grow up, I want to be an actuary?”) If you’ve got stars in your eyes and want to work in the movie industry, look no further than Atlanta Metro Studios right here in South Fulton in the rapidly developing Union City. We feature some budding artists from ballerinas to actors to painters that are honing their craft right in our neighborhood at the South Fulton Arts Center. Which little girl among us did not fantasize about a sparkly dress and an elegant coach like those featured in our Prom Preview, enough to rival the princesses in any fairy tale? All of this and more await you in our Arts issue!

South Fulton, it’s never too late to realize your dreams! What’s your second (or third) career going to be?

P.S. And if your dreams have led you to have products that you’d like to share with your neighbors, please email me at

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