Narviar Griffin, Dedicated to Children and the Arts 2

A goal to serve. Narviar Griffin, Interim Arts Program Manager,is a Clark-Atlanta alumna, and a former dancer and dance instructor. She is the heart and soul of South Fulton Arts Center (SFAC). She brings a passion and authenticity to the center that cannot be denied. When there were kids in the afterschool program who needed something to do, she offered them the opportunity to attend afternoon courses at SFAC free of charge. Narviar Griffin listens. Clients asked Griffin if guitar classes could be offered at the Center and now a South Fulton resident teaches guitar classes at SFAC. The youth theater class originated following a conversation that Griffin had with parents regarding desires for a theater class for children at a community event. Griffin wants her clients to receive the best, so she collaborates with an array of organizations throughout Georgia including but not limited to; Ballethnic, Songs for Kids Foundation, Zoo Atlanta and Room to Move Dance Company, Atlanta Print Makers Studio via Spelman College and Museum of Fine Art, and Hammonds House Museum. Most South Fulton residents remember hearing or reading about the 2015 Family Film Festival highlighting work from Karyn Parsons. It was held at the South Fulton Arts Center. Griffin is currently in the planning stages for the 2016 Family Film Festival. Among other events, this year SFAC will also host two Zumba Dance Parties, the New African Grove Theater Company, the Atlanta Quilt Festival and Fancy Nancy the Musical.  Griffin truly understands the integral relationship that SFAC has with the community and welcomes the opportunity to nourish talents. Griffin has mentored a client who began as a student from the age of 7, who became an assistant instructor, and now that former student is in her final year at the Boston Conservatory. Whether it’s providing a hug, providing a smile, or providing information, Naviar Griffin works really hard to make sure that her clients leave happy and are satisfied in receiving what they want or need from South Fulton Arts Center.