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Prom Etiquette Guide 2016

By Rhonda G. Hudson

Decisions-Decisions! As prom season approaches in Atlanta’s South Fulton community, many decisions have to be made. In this evolving era of technology and social media, teen proms have become more than a high school tradition. Prom Night has morphed into the social event of the season where Instagram is king.  Most young ladies and gentlemen are gearing up for the most extravagant “Promposal” or the event of asking a potential date out to the prom with hopes that their creative ideas to ask the big question will be captured on social media and go viral.  Regardless of new trends in accepting and attending the ultimate date night, there are a few etiquette guidelines that will help make planning the event less stressful and drama free for teens and parents.

Create a Prom Budget:

Financing the prom can cost a small fortune without proper planning and communication. The question is who pays?  Traditionally, the gentleman paid for all expenses including tickets, limo, pictures, and dinner. Today, whoever is asking, whether gentleman or young lady, should pay for the prom tickets. The other cost should be agreed upon among the families well in advance in order to mitigate confusion.

Choose the Date:

No longer does the young lady have to wait to be asked to the prom. Today, young ladies ask gentlemen and groups of friends attend the prom together. Rule of thumb, after a prom invitation has been accepted, go out on a date prior to the prom in order to become acquainted with one another in a social setting outside of school. In addition, families should meet to agree upon prom night expectations, curfews and schedule. Be mindful that once an invitation to the prom has been accepted and plans are made, teens should keep their word and stick to the date.

Discuss Prom Attire:

Prom attire may vary from school to school. Masquerade, Mardi Gras and Hollywood are a few popular prom themes that may dictate the attire. Prom invitations should address the theme and become the guide to what to wear. When deciding the color schemes of the dress and the tuxedo, parties should discuss in advance before purchases and rentals are made in order to avoid mismatch attire. Flowers are an integral and symbolic part of the attire. Gentlemen should order corsages two weeks in advance and pin on the ladies’ left side of the gown; ladies should order boutonnieres two weeks in advance for gentlemen and place on the left lapel.

Executive Director, Rhonda Hudson

The Treasure Box School of Etiquette

Be Fashion Forward!  What are you wearing?  Head to the nearest dress shop or department store and peruse their selections.  One of our favorite places to buy a gown is Sweet Elegance Bridal located in Decatur.  Well worth the drive the staff here are so incredibly welcoming and provide you with a customized shopping experience that is unparalleled.  They’ve got a great selection of prom dresses to choose from.  Looking for a more custom or couture experience?  I’ve still got you covered.  Meyonda Shanee apparel creates masterful attire for your special occasions.  With an eye for detail owner/ designer Meyonda Benjamin can create almost anything you can dream of just in time for prom.  Allow Meyonda to make you a one of a kind prom dress that fits you perfectly.

It’s all in the Details!  Pay attention to the details.  Do your shoes complement your dress?  What about your date?  There will be pictures taken throughout the evening it’s a great time to have you makeup done by a professional makeup artist.  Proper makeup application will enhance your natural beauty and help make sure you are picture perfect.

Arrive in Style!  Getting there is half the fun.  How you arrive at Prom sets the tone for the entire evening.  Why not make the ride to and from prom something you and your friends will cherish forever.  A limousine is always a nice touch .  My friends Tiffany and Marlon over at MARTI Transportation have a super fun solution.  A fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter Van with a satellite TV, surround-sound, Wi-Fi and even karaoke.

Hotel Indigo in College park provided the perfect background for this fun prom shoot.  While modern and sleek the hotel has great areas for meeting and socializing and was super warm and inviting.

Be sure to capture the best moments of prom along the way.  Here are three tips to help you capture prom photos you’ll cherish forever.

  • Watch Your Back

Pay attention to what’s behind you.  If the background is too busy it detracts from the overall photo.  Stagger your stance to avoid  it looking like things are growing from your head.

  • Take it to the Streets

Go outside and grab some fun individual and group shots.  A nice backyard or local park provide a great backdrop for group photos but don’t be afraid to use nice architecture or stairs to add some variety to your photos.

  • Lighten Up

Pay attention to your lighting.  When you are able to find a nice bright area just make sure people are not squinting in the sunlight, and shift your angles to avoid harsh shadows.

Most of all, relax and have a good time.



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Transportation- Marti Transportation


Venue-  Hotel Indigo