April Showers...

It’s Spring, a time for growth and rebirth.  With all the rain we’ve had in SOFU the past few weeks, I’m certain that we are in for one beautiful season.  Everything is blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s time to get outside and experience all that this area has to offer.

In this issue, we’ll do just that.  Follow me through these pages as we learn about wonderful SOFU gems.  Whether it’s grass fed beef or soccer on the lush grounds at Your Faith Farms, learning about the new farmer’s market at South Fulton Landscape and Nursery, or being inspired by our award-winning young tennis players, you’ll find something that will remind you of how awesome it is to call SOFU home.

My challenge to you is to think about how you can grow this season. What seeds did you plant in winter that should be blooming now?  Are you seeing growth?  If so, GREAT!  If not, what can you do differently to create growth where none existed before? I’d love to hear your responses, so please share them with me at michelle.willis@lifestylepubs.com.  
Remember this: the season is yours. It truly belongs to you. Make something happen.

I hope to see you around, patronizing our treasured businesses.  Talk soon!