Family First: A Farewell Letter 4

Dear Neighbors and Constituents,

It has been an honor to serve the people of District 62.  In March of last year, I announced I will not seek re-election as State Representative upon the end of the 2016 Legislative Session. The unexpected loss of both of my parents has compelled me to enjoy my privilege of being a mother.  I recognize that our community deserves the best leader, which includes one whom is available to do the job. I knew I could not continue to be the accessible and involved advocate our community needs in the State House.  I appreciate your support in this transition and promise to complete my term in 2016 with the same enthusiasm as I started and help whomever succeeds me to transition.

I hope that in my time serving you I have accomplished some of the goals that led me to office including blazing a trail for new leaders to step up in our community, raising the expectations of our community for transparent and accessible leadership, keeping the community educated and informed, and using my legal experience to bring common sense to the State House.  More important, I hope citizens recognize that although I will not hold elected office, I still will be an active and engaged citizen, just as I have asked my constituents to be.  South Fulton is not just an area, it is a community. As a community we all have to do our part and I cannot wait to return to doing my part as a citizen, parent and neighbor.

Now is the time for citizens to start looking at their options for new legislators.  Right now the role of a South Fulton legislator in the General Assembly is important because South Fulton residents have less elected leaders to advocate on their behalf.  Every other city in our county has a mayor and council to plan for the future and advocate for their needs.  Without that, South Fulton’s elected leaders in the General Assembly and the County Commission should be the best South Fulton has to offer.  I am excited that already the candidate pool is large with several citizens expressing interest in running.  I encourage ALL people who have a passion to serve and time to commit to do their part.  Seats of elected office belong to “the people” and not any individual and where citizens are not satisfied with their leadership, it is the citizens responsibility to say so by supporting new candidates for office. We are better served in our community when we have lots of options and fresh ideas are needed in all of our elected offices.

Although I am leaving, I am not disappointed. The opportunity to nurture my family, grow my law firm, and allow my husband to focus on his IT business is as much of an honor as it was to be able to serve my community.  Thank you for your continued support.