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South Fulton Lifestyle Publisher Reviews the Products that 
are Made By Your Neighbors Right Here in South Fulton

We sounded the alarm on Facebook (don’t forget to like our page) that we would love to try out products that were handcrafted by our South Fulton neighbors. Sit back, relax and enjoy the results as Michelle tries out the merchandise.  

LaCora Monet Cosmetics

LaCora Monet Cosmetics is a bold and beautiful line created to adjust to any skintone. The line consists of High Definition foundations, creamy and matte lipsticks, highly pigmented blush and much more. All products contain beneficial and soothing ingredients for all skin types.

*Fragrance Free

*Packed with Vitamin E

*Contains Natural Vanillin Extract

*Hypo-Allergenic and Paraben free

*Not tested on Animals

What I Tried: La Cora Monet Soft Matte Cherry Lipstick (chain optional)

How It Looks/Feels: Crown-topped tube that goes on soft with a matte finish

Why I Like It:

Did I mention the crown at the top of the tube?  Way cool.  It’s creamy and goes on matte, and lasts for hours.  I ate twice and drank several times, and still had noticeable color on my lips.  The chain is an interesting twist, a signature piece to the La Cora Monet puzzle.  Starting at $29.99, this is a great little addition to my makeup stash.  I tried the blush as well, which was rich with color and went on easy.  It’s hypo-allergenic, and there are colors for all complexions.  Find them online at LaCoraMonet.com.


Lumeria Body Care, an all natural, paraben & preservative free, small batch skin care manufacturer located right here in South Fulton, provides handmade premium skin care products safe for the entire family. Our artisan soaps, triple butter cream moisturizers & solid lotions, and aluminum free deodorants are ideal for those who are looking to develop a natural, holistic approach to their skin care. Visit LumeriaBodyCare.com and allow nature to illuminate you!

What I Tried:

Lumeria Body Care Triple Butter Body Butter

How it Looks/Feels:

Packaged in a brown tub, and feels like heaven to dry skin

Why I Like It:

It’s all-natural, made from great ingredients like cocoa, shea, and cupuacu butters.  Vitamin E is added to enhance the moisturizing power.  All of their products are made with plant-based materials, ideal for those looking to develop a natural, holistic approach to skin care.  Find them at 


The designer of Epitomoi is not only as a mother and professional, but also a woman who is beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and confident in myself and my style.  She would wear my pieces out in my daily life and over time people started asking me who made my bracelet or necklace and where they could find one like it. She would tell people she designed them for herself and when asked if they could buy them she’d jokingly say,  “Sure you can put in an order and I’ll make you one.”  It wasn’t long and she was making good on those orders and her nights after work and mom duties became nights of beads, jewels, chains and designing.  And voila Epitomoi was born.

What I Tried:

Epitomoi Jewelry

How it Looks/Feels:

Luxury jewelry line with various creative bead, jewel and metal creations.

Why I Like It:

Epitomoi was created with the concept to design and create jewelry that epitomized not only who you may be as a mother and professional, but also a woman who is beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and confident.  I like the different size, stone, and metal combinations, and I love the options with bracelets, necklaces and even body jewelry.  And men, they’ve got something for you, too!  It is convenient that many of the options are unisex.  That means I get to buy for my hubby, and I get to benefit as well.  What’s not to like about that?  Find them online at Epitomoi.com.

Ginger Snaps by Heart 2 Home Gifts

Ginger Snaps™ is a spirited collection of interchangeable jewelry featuring “fashion snaps,” button-like charms you snap in and out of our specially made jewelry and accessories. Ginger Snaps is all about heart and soul, sweetness and sass, and brazen individuality. Collegiate, sorority, custom & corporate snaps are available!

Please contact Charis at 404.295.2740 or email at info@opulencenailboutique.com for more info or to host a party or private showing!

What I Tried: Heart 2 Home Gifts

How It Looks/Feels:

Various bracelet and necklace options featuring jewelry pieces that snap in and out

Why I Like It:

The fact that you can personalize this jewelry is definitely the highlight.  You can change it based on your mood, your colors…whatevs!  The bracelet and necklace I tried had my initial, my sorority symbol, favorite jewels, etc.   Whatever I feel like for the day, I just snap out the old, and snap in the new.  Pretty neat!  Find them as well as other nifty gifts at Heart2HomeGifts.com.

Get Body Beautiful Fit & Lean 3 Part System

What It Is:

Get Body Beautiful Fit & Lean 3 Part System

How It Looks/Feels

Pill Formulation

Why I Like It:

It comes with a multivitamin and B12 for energy.  So often, weight loss pills just have a bunch of artificial stuff that makes your heart race and leaves you feeling empty.  With this, you get all natural ingredients, and the fact that you truly get an all-encompassing system with things that are good for you is such a wonderful bonus.  Find the system at GetBodyBeautiful.com

Lace Cosmetics

It’s no lie that Lace Cosmetics was created for you and you and you. 
They are a modern cosmetics company for all ethnicities. Lace believes that being flawless doesn’t mean hiding behind layers of makeup. Whether you are on the chocolate side of the spectrum or land somewhere between snow white and caramel, Lace can help you find the optimal you for those super special occasions or every single day.

What I Tried:

Lace Cosmetics Dual Powder

How It Looks/Feels:

Light going on

Why I Like It:

It comes with a separate compartment for the applicator.  
I don’t use powder often, but I hate how you have to put the applicator back into the powder after you just smear it all over your face.  And, this powder feels light, the coverage is great and the match to complexion is perfect.  Speaking of which, any complexion can find a mate in this collection.  Find them online at LaceCosmetics.com


S&S Fire Pits

S&S Fire Pits, LLC is a Georgia based company that handcrafts solid steel Fire Pits and accessories.  All of the products are handcrafted right in a Hapeville, GA facility.  They use only quality American made steel and parts.  They use roughly 80% recycled and/or reclaimed materials in our building process.  The pits and accessories are completely welded together and made to withstand the elements so you don’t have to worry about replacing your Fire Pit after a couple of uses.  They like to say its “The Last Fire Pit You Will Ever Buy!”