Hope on the Hill: The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation 2

The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation

Homegrown basketball player Dwight Howard, South Fulton’s own, is changing the world one kid at a time. He and his parents are doing good work in our community through the Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation, through counseling and other support programs in our community. In supplying counseling and other support activities, we hope to combat illiteracy by providing resources to educate displaced youth and young adults, introduce technology to lessen the digital divide, and create internships, scholarships, after school, mentoring and youth development as well as job training programs and services.The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation, Inc. is a faith-based organization reaching out to strengthen family relationships by providing a family base to assist youths with everyday life issues and how to transition through them.

The Hope on the Hill Family Life Center in South Fulton will offer the following services for youth an adults:

– Counseling: Assistance with the crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment, brief individual and couples therapy, group therapy, and referral.

– Health Screening: Programs designed to evaluate the health status and potential of an individual.

– Computer Training: Resources dedicated to helping users acquire proficiency in a wide array of technical areas.

– A Fitness Center: Dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the mind and body.

– Visually Impaired Services: Focus on creating solutions for children with visual loss to achieve their full potential.

Brother and Sister Howard are excited to offer these services in the community, “We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join us in making our multi-purpose center a success.  Become actively involved in the development phase of the Family Life Center by contributing either monetary donations, goods or services or even by serving as a volunteer.”

The foundation offers programs in GA ad TX including summer basketball camps and special programs at Christmas. Their current project is the Hope on the Hill track.

For more information or to donate, please visit Dwight-Howard.org.