Mary Parker 3

The Chick in Charge

Multi-million-dollar entrepreneur Mary Parker is encouraging all women to be IN CHARGE. Parker, CEO of All(n)1 Security has penned her new book The Chick in Charge. Throughout the pages of this transparent journey from obscurity to success, Parker provides a winning blueprint that incorporates years of struggle, challenges, and triumph from childhood to Corporate America. Parker, born in Jim Crow Mississippi during the 50s, is the 2nd of nine children. Her parents were share croppers. She recalls watching her grandmother as a young child, and quickly identified the matriarch as a “Chick in Charge.” Parker went on to marry at a young age and divorce. As a single mother she quickly climbed the ladder of success at General Motors only to be demoted. She then started a business that failed. Clearly, Parker has had her share of trials and tribulations. But she also had the ability to overlook her circumstances and possess a spirit of leadership and greatness.

“When I was demoted I was determined that no one would have control of my destiny. I needed to become the employer, not remain the employee,” says Parker.

Parker now owns the nation’s largest, woman owned, full-service security firms. She has more than 300 employees with offices in the United States and Africa. Her firm has provided protection for President Barack Obama, PBA Tours, NBA All Star Games, Super Bowls and other major events.

“Being an African American woman in a white male dominated field has its challenges. With my book, The Chick in Charge, I want to help women to assert themselves in their industry and possess the level of confidence that they should.”

In her new book, complete with a forward written by Civil Rights icon Xernona Clayton, Parker offers life lessons, business principles and inspirational tools for success. With each page Parker equips every reader with the strength to not just succeed, but to take charge! 
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