Safety that Makes Sense

Stay Pretty and 
Protected with She Gadget

As the owner and founder of She Gadget, South Fulton’s own Jennifer Mackey found it necessary to reach out to educate and empower women’s safety.  She Gadget challenges the modern day woman to be “Pretty, Protected and Powerful” because you can be pretty but safe at the same time which makes She Gadget unique with her pretty personal safety gadgets.

She Gadget was started out of Jennifer’s years as a Realtor and she often found herself in dangerous situations. She developed a passion and concern for the safety and the safety of others. Recent headlines serve as a reminder of the dangers that lurk, from robberies at open houses, agents attacked at gunpoint, date rape and relationship violence. Jennifer began conducting seminars and offered resources and tip sheets to teach her peers what safety precautions they can take when showing client’s homes and conducting open houses. She Gadget aims to empower women to be prepared for the unexpected.

Women must become wiser and pay attention to detail. Know your surroundings, always pay attention to the people around you, take extra precautions when going out at night, form a buddy system so that a family member or friend know where you are at all times and importantly, be protected with a gadget such as pepper spray, stun guns or personal alarms.

One of their pet peeves at She Gadget is watching women walking around with headphones, Bluetooth or a cell phone in their face.  A predator knows when you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, which makes you an easy target.  A big key to eliminating this issue would be to pay attention when walking alone and having some sort of safety gadget to help protect you from a predator.  Walking around and not paying attention and being alert is crazy!

Even if your car breaks down, make sure you have your safety gadget is in your hands while waiting for help.  If you are pulled over by a police officer at night, please make sure you pull over in a lighted area where the public can see you.  Never pull over in a dark area because you take the risk of facing a possible police imitator.

Visit for your personal safety gadgets. She Gadget provides high quality products with a lifetime warranty on all stun guns.  Every woman should be “Pretty Protected and Powerful.”