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South Fulton Lifestyle magazine named small Business of the Year 
by South Fulton Chamber!

After only being in existence for one year, imagine our surprise at winning the South Fulton Small Business of the Year. Publisher Michelle Willis would like to publicly thank the entire staff along with the businesses and readers that have helped to make this accomplishment possible.

South Fulton Students 
Win Scholarship at Atlanta 
Science Festival

South Fulton’s own Kimberly Connor of Pierce Academy and Nia McKenzie of Latin College Prep came in as the 1st runner ups of the 2016 TAG-Ed, Atlanta Science Festival and How Stuff Works Middle School WEBChallenge Competition. The sixth grade students were both awarded $400 scholarships at this year’s Atlanta Science Festival for their entry about mining the Moon for Helium 3. The duo placed second overall out of over a hundred statewide entries. Their website depicted robots Eti and Ana mining Helium 3 for use in their advanced fusion reactor the team named the Revolutionary.

The team was led by student advisor Ms. Kamare Pierce-Arrington founder of Pierce Academy who helped the girls with researching the project and entering the competition. The two will be further rewarded with a trip to Google in April.

The girls believe that in the future the world will need a new source of energy that does not pollute or contribute to global warming.  Along with Ms. Pierce-Arrington, Kimberly and Nia discovered that a Helium 3 fusion reactor would produce very little nuclear waste if any and no air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.  The problem is that Helium 3 is very rare on Earth, but plentiful on the Moon.  The robots would collect the Helium 3 and use the heat from reentry to Earth to process it into usable Helium 3 for the reactor.  Nia and Kimberly then built a website that included quizzes, project outlines, and 3-D animations describing the program.

Kimberly enjoys mathematics and soccer. Nia enjoys tennis and science. Both girls have been close friends since pre-school and attended Cliftondale Elementary School together. Ms. Pierce-Arrington taught both young ladies at Cliftondale and has been an educator for several years. She recently founded The Pierce Academy an open school supporting students in South Fulton County. The following link displays the project:

South Fulton Resident Earns Prestigious Nursing Award

South Atlanta resident Kedra Phillips-Flippin, RN at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Southeastern) is a recent recipient of the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Kedra was nominated for the award by a patient and his wife for her commitment to going above and beyond during treatment and even after the patient was discharged.

Kedra pursued a career in nursing after two of her aunts lost their battles with breast cancer and she is the fourth woman in her family to become a nurse. “Knowing that I come from a bloodline of strong women that have cared for others so beautifully makes me strive to do more,” said Kedra. “It’s evident that being a nurse is more than treating a disease, but treating brave and amazing people on a daily basis.”

The DAISY Foundation, a nonprofit based in Glen Allen, CA., was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, a Hodgkins Disease survivor who passed away at the age of 33 after being admitted to the hospital for a rare auto-immune disease. Patrick’s family, who was impressed with the caliber of the nursing staff, started the DAISY Foundation to recognize amazing nurses.

“Kedra embodies everything CTCA wants in a nurse,” said Roxann McIntyre, director of care management. “Her every thought and action is to best assist and help her patients. There is no task too big, no question too small for Kedra. She will go the extra mile to make sure that her patients have everything they need and more.”

CTCA at Southeastern is based in Newnan, Ga. and is one of five fully accredited cancer hospitals in the CTCA network, with other locations in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. CTCA provides a comprehensive, fully integrated and individualized cancer treatment experience with a commitment to patient-centered care.

For more information about the hospital, visit or if you’re interested in nominating a nurse for the DAISY Award, you can visit

From left to right (back):  Tonya Lee, Christina Grooms, Andra Matthews, Roxann McIntyre, Dr. Scott Shelfo

From left to right (front):  Dr. Farhang Rabbani, Kedra Phillips-Flippin, Mary Croome, Chloe Duncan, Deborah Webster

Dancers Attend Ailey School 
and Win A Scholarship

We are pleased to announce I AM ARTS Community Partnership’s participation in two events offered by The Official School of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater this past February. Four of our senior company dancers used their talents and technical skills to guide them through the intense workshops and auditions of the Ailey Experience Atlanta and the Summer Ailey Intensive Junior and Senior Divisions. The program offers a structured and diverse curriculum to advance students’ technical skills.

Dancers Nina Giddens and NyAshia Muata attended the Ailey Experience: Atlanta workshop offered by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater as part of the company’s community engagement component, the Ailey Extension. Dancers Mobolatan Henry and Mekka Wilson had the opportunity to audition for The Ailey School 2016 Summer Ailey Intensive Junior and Professional Divisions. Both of these exclusive, in-depth Ailey Experience NYC master sessions give dancers the opportunity to perform in variety of techniques such as the Horton Technique and choreography from Mr. Ailey’s masterpiece “Revelations,” all at the prestigious Ailey Studios, one of the largest dance facilities in the country.

Congratulations to senior dancer Nina Giddens for receiving a scholarship to the Ailey Experience: Study in New York City Program where she will spend 2 weeks in New York training at The Ailey School with dancers from around the world.

“We have been especially proud of The Ailey experience for the girls has come full circle. It was just last July that I AM ARTS hosted an Artistic Enrichment trip to New York City and New Jersey. We took 12 young ladies and 14 adults to tour the city, watch the Lion King, dine at many restaurants, take classes at the Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theater, Broadway Dance Center, and perform with the Zawadi African Dance Troupe in New Jersey,” said Tiffany Mingo, Founder and Executive Director.

About I AM ARTS: I AM ARTS Community Partnership is a multidimensional arts education organization that fosters creative arts learning and experiences for young artists. Our mission is to empower and provide quality arts-based education to the community through a unique arts integration platform that incorporates multidisciplinary learning in dance, drama, visual arts, music, and cultural arts. Our dance program aims to build a solid foundation encompassing multiple dance techniques by way of exposing our students to dance training and exploratory artistic studies with professional teaching artists from all backgrounds. For more information, please visit

Sen. Donzella James Hosts South Fulton Chamber at District 35 Day


Brew’d Tea Experience

This isn’t your grandmother’s tea party.  When Jamila Crawford Pecou of Earth Candy Arts and Nicole Garner-Scott of Open For Business get together in a collaborative effort, great things happen.  What can be better than sipping on tea and munching on Jamila’s signature vegan cuisine, while connecting with extraordinary women entrepreneurs?

The Brew’d Tea Experience is a gathering of feminine brilliance and empowerment to share ideas, experience and advice.  This inspirational and empowering networking event was formed to support and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of women and celebrate Girl Power.  The first installment of Brew’d took place in February at the Open for Business CoWorking Space on historic Auburn Avenue in Old Fourth Ward.  What better place to be inspired than a stone’s throw from where the original Madame CJ Walker Beauty Shoppe existed (circa 1950.) Get your tickets to the next Brewd Tea Party Experience at

Editor’s note

In last’s months issue, the section on the handcrafted in South Fulton jewelry Epitomoi should have read as follows:


The designer of Epitomoi is not only a mother and professional, but also a woman who is beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and confident in herself and her style.  She would wear her pieces out in her daily life and over time people started asking who made her bracelet or necklace and where they could find one like it. She would tell people she designed them for herself and when asked if they could buy them she’d jokingly say,  “Sure you can put in an order and I’ll make you one.”  It wasn’t long and she was making good on those orders and her nights after work and mom duties became nights of beads, jewels, chains and designing.  And voila Epitomoi was born.

You can find Epitomoi at