Long Live Love

I sit here writing this letter reminiscing. It was five years ago but it feels like yesterday.  On a rainy Wednesday night, our family and friends gathered downtown. The rooftop venue overlooking the Aquarium and Centennial Park was surrounded by a thick layer of fog. Omar and I were getting married after being together for nearly seven years. My hair, a fluffy Afro, and our cake were adorned with my signature big, floppy butterflies but those had nothing on the ones dancing in my stomach. As my dad walked me down the aisle, my fingernails dug deeply into his arm, I was terrified. The sensation was a surprise. This was my Marine, big, strong, handsome, smart, brave and confident, in spite of being little nerdy. I wanted to marry him more than anything and yet, there I stood, nervous, shaking. He was my very best friend and my confidant. We could converse on any topic (what I miss more than anything). But this was forever. And forever is a long time.

Wherever you are on your journey to forever, this issue is for you. When you get engaged, you get swamped with details. How do I pick the perfect bouquet if I don’t know the names of any flowers? How much bridalwear do I have to try on before I “say yes to the dress?” Should I go with a fancy three-tiered cake or a one layer one in the center of a dessert table? Planning the perfect day is stressful and nerve-wracking. But as you read through the magazine this month, South Fulton, please remember that it’s not about achieving perfection. As you read the love story of each featured couple and the tale of love that has lasted 50 years, note that the wedding is just one day. Marriage is hard work every day and nothing about life is perfect. So South Fulton brides-to be, try to relax and have a little fun on the big day! Enjoy our wedding issue and a few surprises inside.