Sweet Love 8

Stories of Love from 
Real Brides and Grooms

The couples featured here have different paths that led them down the aisle. For some it was love at first sight after meeting online and another couple decided they couldn’t wait and decided to elope. From a romantic wedding on the day set aside for love to a South Fulton reception featuring dueling pianos, I hope you enjoy these love stories.

Chelsea and Shane: 
Let’s Get Married Today

In 2012, Shane interviewed Chelsea about her work with various communities through her blog Chelsea Loves Yoga and the ways in which she engages yoga to cultivate community for his online health magazine. The two corresponded over the course of the year through email and phone conversations about potential work collaborations together. Fast forward to 2013, Chelsea and Shane finally met in person for a “working date” at a neighborhood coffee shop where they sat for over three hours talking about dreams of working with communities through activities like community gardening and yoga. Hours later, Shane and Chelsea moved to a tapas restaurant next door where they talked for even more hours. The two later decided that their friendship was definitely special as they learned more about each other and their mutual love for wellness and community engagement. The couple dated by taking outings to local gardens, practicing yoga, and engaging one of their favorite activities—checking out Atlanta restaurants!

Shane traveled to Dayton, Ohio to meet Chelsea’s family and Chelsea traveled to Los Angeles to meet Shane’s family. The two became closer as Chelsea finished her dissertation and directed her summer program, Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp for Teen Girls at Spelman College; which coincidentally was the catalyst for the couple’s current non-profit organization, Red Clay Yoga (RedClayYoga.org).

Chelsea and Shane decided to confirm their union by eloping in Atlanta (accompanied by their parents) and were married by their beloved teacher, Swami Jaya Devi at Kashi Atlanta Ashram on a Wednesday evening.

Amanda and Ian: Too Much Fun

Ian and Amanda met through an online dating site last April. On their first date at Cooks & Soldiers in West Midtown, both of them felt an instant connection and knew this was going to be the start of something big. They decided to stop by Corner Tavern for drinks and karaoke where Ian dazzled her with his amazing voice and kept Amanda laughing, with his lounge singer jazz cover of Baby Got Back.  She said, “Five hours later, I knew I had found the man I would spend the rest of my life with.”

Amanda and Ian were married at the Log Cabin Community Church and Chailini provided music for the ceremony. The reception was held at the Pig & the Pint on Virginia Ave in College Park. Amanda gushes, “We rented out the entire restaurant as our reception venue and they made amazing apps and salads with a very chic small bite buffet set up. The entire wait staff, chefs and owners were incredible. We had Damian Cartier with the Andrew Brothers Dueling Pianos play jazz on the piano and sing. After dinner and cocktails, we switched from the live music to karaoke!” After the wedding and reception, they retired to their home in East Point, then headed out to sea the next day.

Shan and Gerren: Funny Valentines

Six years before their wedding to the day, on Valentine’s Day in fact, Shan Marie met a man, Gerren William Allen at Shout. No, it wasn’t love at first sight or a stereotypical fairy tale but it’s their perfect love story. “What I love most about him is his love and dedication to me. He’s loves my heart and my smile. We are a great fit because we balance each other out. I’m a planner and like to plan for the future. Gerren is more spontaneous and likes to go day by day. Our near future plans are to purchase a new home and grow our family and eventually own a family business,” said the new bride.

Shan says, “Yes, I thought God was playing a trick on me but little did I know, the joke is on me because God prepared this man perfectly for me and me for him.” The couple wanted their big day to be a celebration of love and dedication that they chose to share with friends and family, symbolically taking place on the day they met, on Valentine’s Day. “I consider this day to be a dream come true. Let’s celebrate!”

Marli and Ian: Unexpected Proposal

Ian & Marli met, as many modern couples do: on a dating website. They met at a Mexican restaurant about two miles from where she was living, and as they were going out the door someone stopped them and asked, “When’s the wedding?” They both laughed because it was only their first date. A week later, as Ian later told Marli, while driving home he thought, “I’m going to marry that girl.” Six short months later, they had picked out a house together and were set to close on Valentine’s Day. In preparation for that, Ian had a ring made: a six pronged Tiffany setting round diamond in white gold, but the one thing he hadn’t prepared for was where to hide it. The day after purchase, Marli went to do the laundry at their apartment and found a ring box at the bottom of an empty sock drawer. Panicking, she hid the socks in the laundry room pretending to have not put them away. However, later that night, Ian finally said “I know you saw it.” And he pulled the ring box from the drawer saying, “Well, I asked you to be my girlfriend in that spot. I’m going to ask you to be my wife here, too. I’ve known I was supposed to marry you since a week in, and so Marlissa Paige Doss, will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?” She of course said yes, and on November 1 of that year they became Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham.

Tenisha and Ray: A Chance Meeting

Ray and Tenisha met in passing at an outing. It wasn’t until a about year later that they would actually have the chance to sit and talk to one another. From that one hour conversation they continued to see one another everyday from that point on. They would soon be engaged on February 7 and would go on to marry on September 7, 2015. Ray currently co-owns the Empire Lounge restaurant on Butner Rd and is a public speaker. Tenisha currently owns a hair company called Notice Her.