Tips from a Wedding Planning Pro 11

Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

Plan your Summer Wedding like a Pro

By Keosha Chandler

After the excitement of the engagement has worn off, most couples struggle with the question, “What now?” I recommend that couples start the planning process early by discussing the guest list and budget. This is a challenging task that’s important to discuss early to ensure a smooth planning process over the next 9-12 months. More couples are paying for their own weddings these days but this is the best time to determine who is financially responsible for specific wedding tasks. If your budget allows, invest in a wedding planner. A professional wedding planner is able to tap into resources that most couples wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Your planner will create your wedding day dream team, allowing you and your fiancé to enjoy your special day. A seasoned wedding planner will carry a wealth of industry knowledge that will ease many of your many of your wedding day stresses. Make sure that you interview several planners before securing the perfect one. Do your research and ask questions such as, “Do you have experience with planning weddings of 200 guests or more? Do you have referrals that I may contact? Are you insured?” Ask the right questions, no matter how silly they may seem.

Your wedding is the first event that you will plan as husband and wife. Make sure that you consider your guests in the planning process. The summer is the most common time of year for couples who desire an outdoor ceremony and reception. Take the proper steps to ensure guest comfort. Tenting is always a great option to keep your guests nice and cool. Check into reputable tenting companies that can provide the size you need for your guest count and a proper power source for air conditioning. If a tent isn’t within your budget, look into seating your guests in the shade with chairs that are not made of metal. Adding beverage stations is also a nice touch for your guests to get relief from the summer heat. You can even have fun with it by infusing the water with fruits that coordinate with your wedding colors, served in stylish glasses.

Summer beauty is always in. Adequate hydration creates the perfect natural, glow for your skin that you will want on your wedding day. LahLah Hayes, the owner of Flawless Beauty Creations recommends using mineralized pressed powders & bronzers to combat the heat and minimize shine. Many of her favorite summer products provide light coverage and contain sunscreen, while locking in moisture. Master Cosmetologist, Terri Nicole also recommends switching your winter hair up by going for a warm base color, while adding highlights and lowlights for dimension. She suggests a nice midlength cut, with long layers for enhancing the color and movement. Don’t forget about adding hair accessories that keep things light and airy.

Don’t skimp on the details. Get creative by incorporating two hues of your color palette into other aspects of your wedding, like your stationary, florals, or even chairs. Keep things simple but stick with a cohesive look that won’t look too busy. Stay true to your summer style and hire a professional photographer to capture the details. Kelley Raye of Kelley Raye Photography explains, “The most common mistake that couples make is thinking they can hire a professional, quality wedding photography for an amateur’s price. If quality is important, you should take the time to save for an experienced wedding photographer that shoots in a style that speaks to you and will value your day just as much as you.” Your wedding day will be magical and don’t lose sight that you and your fiancé are celebrating your love. Happy planning!