Somebody’s Got to Do It

Somebody's Got to Do It

Sometimes I can’t believe my job. I’ve shared with you before, and it bears repeating, that this job is a labor of love, especially when the issue is about the men in this area. It was tough to interview some of these guys, each one more delightful than the next, and each one so very committed to our community.

Rico and Orlando

Rico and Orlando 3

This is a story that begins two decades ago. It’s a story of friendship and camaraderie. It’s a story of brotherhood. It’s a story of loyalty. I met these guys on the heels of the success of “The Art of Organized Noize,” a documentary produced by McGhee that recently made its Netflix debut. But the mood was somber. Both Rico Wade and Orlando McGhee were grieving the loss of music industry legend Prince, having barely recovered from the blow that was losing hip hop great Phife of A Tribe Called Quest just a few weeks earlier. Orlando reminisces, “I told my daughter that I saw Purple Rain for the first time at the Rialto.” The photographer takes a moment to lighten the mood and the stories start to swirl around the studio.

Is Your Lifestyle Temporary?

Is Your Lifestyle Temporary? 1

In the song “Live it Up,” written by R&B songwriter John Legend, the lyrics reflect a shift from a life of struggle and hardship (no more robbing Peter to pay Paul or putting it in the lay-a-way) to one of prosperity and celebration of the good life. Similarly, this is what occurs when we advance in our career or business and experience a gradual increase in income that creates the opportunity to elevate our standard of living. Whereas Outback was the go-to back in the day when times were leaner, Rathbun’s is the place for a good steak now. K&G was a staple for suits when ends didn’t quite meet then Men’s Wearhouse became the norm as cash flows improved followed by customized threads compliments of a personal tailor. Those clothes have to go somewhere right? No problem because that income helped get a mortgage approved on a dream house with a huge walk-in closet and 3 car garage for those dream cars too. All the hard work has paid off and the good life is here, but is it here to stay or is it temporary?

Around Town

Around Town 28

Community activists are improving the lives of working mothers by challenging businesses to provide breastfeeding support through successful lactation room campaign. For the first time, the world’s busiest airport is giving nursing moms a quiet place to pump or breastfeed when they travel. It’s a big improvement from the public restrooms, which used to be the only option for nursing moms at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Three years ago, a social media campaign developed by two local mothers used images of models eating in bathrooms to try to convince the airport to become more family-friendly.

Let Us Make Man 10th Anniversary 
Scholarship Gala

Let Us Make Man 10th Anniversary 
Scholarship Gala 9

South Fulton’s Shaun Banks of Warrior King summer camp was a proud sponsor in attendance, along with speakers: scholarship recipient Jonathan Butler, keynote speaker Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and honoree CT Vivian.

I Dare-U Academy Founder and CEO Glenn Ford, Jr. and Julio Jones Answers Some of SFL’s Questions on Food, Fashion and Paying 
it Forward

I Dare-U Academy Founder and CEO Glenn Ford, Jr. and Julio Jones Answers Some of SFL's Questions on Food, Fashion and Paying 
it Forward

Glenn Ford, Jr. is the Chairman and CEO of i-DareU Academy, Inc. He has lived in the Cascade area of South Fulton with his wife and kids for the past 15 years. Ford loves living in this part of town. “You have the best of everything! Food, parks, entertainment, and it’s close to downtown and the airport.” In addition to a passion for mentoring and football, he has a passion for cars and restores them in his spare time. His passion for i-DareU Academy is evident when he talks about the program, “i-DareU Academy has an emphasis on helping kids receive a free education to make the most of their God-given abilities.” The program serves young athletes from across South Fulton and has been awarded as the #1 High School Training Group in USA by ESPN and the Rivals Camp Series. Ford lives by these words, “I believe that every successful person has these qualities: hardworking, sacrificing daily, and dedicated to their craft.”

Men of South Fulton

Men of South Fulton 9

Tenisha Bell is the owner of Perfect Pitch Media Group. A public relations and media training firm in Atlanta. Tenisha spent nearly 20 years in the broadcast media industry, most recently as an executive producer for CNN. She writes for various media outlets including NBC and South Fulton Lifestyle magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @TenishaTBell.

Play Ball!

Play Ball! 2

The Camp Creek Bombers are the little league baseball team affiliated with Sandtown Park. The team was founded by Tarveres Tate in 2013. In the spring of 2014, the Bombers proudly brought home the title of the Sandtown Baseball Tournament by turning in a decisive win at the end of an undefeated season. In the summer of 2015, the Bombers team competed in the Dizzy Dean tournament, making it to the championship game. In 2016, the Sandtown Bombers won the Jackie Robinson Invitational 6U Tournament.

El Primer Mundo

El Primer Mundo 1

When the good people at South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine asked me to be a part of this year’s Men’s issue I was honored, with this year marking my 10th year in the premium cigar industry. It’s really been a good ride for me and being based in Atlanta has made the ride that much more enjoyable. I’ve enjoyed watching the growth of Atlanta’s local cigar culture and having such a great microcosm has really helped me learn and grow over the last decade.



My wife and I were sitting in a psychiatrist’s office. He’d just spent an hour with my six-year old son. We were there to hear the news that we already knew. Our son has some expressive language issues, cognitive learning challenges, fine motor and gross motor skill delays, dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD). As time progressed, I’ve slowly accepted that—he’s perfect for me.