El Primer Mundo 1

Sean Williams Creates Cigars 
Sold Around the World and 
Right Here in South Fulton

When the good people at South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine asked me to be a part of this year’s Men’s issue I was honored, with this year marking my 10th year in the premium cigar industry. It’s really been a good ride for me and being based in Atlanta has made the ride that much more enjoyable.  I’ve enjoyed watching the growth of Atlanta’s local cigar culture and having such a great microcosm has really helped me learn and grow over the last decade.

I’ve always believed that if something is not growing or learning in some way then it’s dying.  The decline can be very slow and almost imperceptible at times just as the growth and learning may not be readily evident either, but it is happening.  These dynamics are taking place in the life cycle of every living thing that’s around us.  Some of the easiest to recognize and appreciate are the aging processes of people and animals or the growth of trees and plants.  Some that are not so evident and easy to recognize are intangible things like the ideas that we create.  The ideas that would eventually become products, businesses, brands, or even movements.   As I look forward to launching my 10 Year Anniversary cigar this summer, I look back at the last ten years and wonder where did it go? How has time flown by so fast?  More importantly, I think about how I’ve learned and grown over the years.

While working through the normal challenges of trying to grow a brand it’s easy to overlook the small successes sometimes, but the small ones are just as important as the big ones. They lay the groundwork for the big wins so I’ve learned to appreciate the little things.  As I think about the local in-store promotional events I’ve done over the years here in Atlanta with shops such as Cigaros, WiseAsh, Highland, Cutters, etc. I never dreamed that I would’ve been the first cigar brand owner to do in-store promo events in Southeast Asia.  I’ve truly been blessed to have my line of cigars sold throughout the U.S., as well as in countries such as Russia, Australia, and others.

Through it all Atlanta has been my backdrop.  As one of the largest premium cigar markets in the country, there are a lot of Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf here that are active and engaged and stay in tune with the market.  I definitely appreciate the support that they show my brand here but just as importantly I appreciate just being one of the locals that get to enjoy this great cigar city as I look forward to my next 10 years in the industry.

Sean Williams is the 45 year old owner of El Primer Mundo cigar brand. He’s married with 3 kids and is active in youth team sports and efforts to feed the homeless. He loves to do business in South Fulton, basing his office near Ft. McPherson in the past and one of the largest retailers that carries his brand is in the area. “I really dig the convenience that Camp Creek offers and the coziness of Main Street College Park,” he says. In addition to knowing lots about cigars, he is a huge history buff.