I Dare-U Academy Founder and CEO Glenn Ford, Jr. and Julio Jones Answers Some of SFL's Questions on Food, Fashion and Paying 
it Forward

South Fulton is Home to the Number One High School Training Program for Young Athletes

Glenn Ford, Jr. is the Chairman and CEO of i-DareU Academy, Inc. He has lived in the Cascade area of South Fulton with his wife and kids for the past 15 years. Ford loves living in this part of town. “You have the best of everything! Food, parks, entertainment, and it’s close to downtown and the airport.” In addition to a passion for mentoring and football, he has a passion for cars and restores them in his spare time. His passion for i-DareU Academy is evident when he talks about the program, “i-DareU Academy has an emphasis on helping kids receive a free education to make the most of their God-given abilities.” The program serves young athletes from across South Fulton and has been awarded as the #1 High School Training Group in USA by ESPN and the Rivals Camp Series. Ford lives by these words, “I believe that every successful person has these qualities: hardworking, sacrificing daily, and dedicated to their craft.”

 i-DareU Academy, Inc. trains scholar athletes to be successful in sports and teaches them fundamentals that are needed to flourish in school and become thriving young adults. Since their inception in 2006, they have provided young men with position-specific training, academic counseling, character building principles and male-to-male mentoring.  i-DareU parents seek assistance from the program because they are searching for a solution for their young men. They know that their sons have extraordinary talent but they also recognize the challenges teens face growing up in today’s environment. It is no secret that there are countless stories of young men with outstanding talents who never make it out of high school due to peer pressure, high drop out rates and gang violence. i-DareU provides a disciplined safe haven to not only harness these talents but also assists them with becoming academically and mentally focused and prepared for college and the recruitment process. The programs provides ACT/SAT preparation in addition to athletic training. 
-From the Program Handbook. For more visit, I-DareU.net.