Somebody's Got to Do It

Hi South Fulton,

Sometimes I can’t believe my job. I’ve shared with you before, and it bears repeating, that this job is a labor of love, especially when the issue is about the men in this area.  It was tough to interview some of these guys, each one more delightful than the next, and each one so very committed to our community.  It was a real chore to flip through all of the pictures of the handsome, dapper gentlemen to select the very best photos. But most of all it was really difficult to choose the Men of South Fulton that you see before you in this issue. So my staff and I decided to showcase for you as many guys as we could fit into our pages. “The Men of South Fulton” is not just the feature but rather they can be found throughout the magazine this month. There’s a story on the awesome and inspiring coaches of the Bombers baseball team. There’s a piece on Rico Wade of Organized Noize and music industry exec Orlando McGhee. There are profiles of doctors, politicians, and fitness experts. There’s an article on the number one program that is getting young men ready for college and to play football with the help of Glenn Ford and Atlanta Falcon, Julio Jones. So enjoy South Fulton. We’ve done all the hard work. You’re welcome.

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