Get Involved with the Camp Creek Business Association 1

“I am a longtime area resident, business consultant, active community member, and a former Camp Creek Parkway retailer, so my contextual understanding of the area, the community, and the issues is fairly strong” says Michael Davis, Camp Creek Business Association (CCBA).  “We are working to reinvent the business association concept in three ways.  First, I wanted to make all CCBA decision making business owners perspective by increasing the CCBA value proposition by facilitating individual business growth, providing access to key government leaders and business stakeholders, foster strong networking, and assume a proactive advocacy role within the overall business ecosystem.  Second, I want the CCBA to increase the dissemination reach for relevant information and deepen community participation and engagement.  This positions the CCBA to assume the role of community voice for traffic congestion and public safety and to aggressively advocate for smart, sustainable economic development. Lastly, we want to open up the monthly CCBA meeting and our information updates to a larger audience through video via our social media platforms.”

The CCBA is the businesses and community voice for the Camp Creek Parkway corridor (from Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta Airport to Fulton Industrial Blvd).  The CCBA area spans the jurisdictions of College Park, East Point, City of Atlanta, and Unincorporated Fulton County. The organization mission is to provide a business and community advocacy function to facilitate development and economic growth of the Camp Creek Parkway corridor as the premier South Fulton destination for shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment and living.

Davis states, “An important key to success is through relationships with municipalities, agencies, and business/community stakeholders for coalition building by which you lead with an overriding faith that the desired changes can and will be done.” The CCBA has partnered with the local chambers of commerce, community organizations, and key business stakeholders (i.e. Atlanta Aerotropolis Community Improvement District) to facilitate building the business environment and community that we want. Davis believes, “The Atlanta Aerotropolis Community Improvement District, under the leadership of Gerald McDowell, has hit the ground running with an immediate positive impact on the Camp Creek Parkway corridor. I believe the Atlanta Aerotropolis CID is the key driver for the future success for our corridor.”

Davis concludes, “It is funny that in the information age we are inundated with too much information so it is easier now more than ever to miss information relevant for our lives or businesses. We have worked very hard on our social media channels, particularly our Facebook fan page to with content curation to make our followers more aware and more informed so that they are in a position to act in the community development process that produces the desired economic development and quality of life for the Camp Creek Parkway corridor. So, connect with us via our Facebook fan page to stay plugged in.”