Just Keep 

Hi South Fulton!

Y’all know the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Sometimes you’re too busy “adulting” to try something new. I was fortunate enough to hang out with about twenty other military widows at a retreat here in our beautiful city of Atlanta. A staycation of sorts. It was a pleasure to play hostess and take the ladies around the city, from Ponce to downtown to Sweet Auburn to Castleberry Hill. We delighted in the food and entertainment that our world-class city had to offer. But none of that was new.

The new part consisted of our activities, designed to bond us in sisterhood and help us navigate the grief process. We swam with the whale sharks in the Georgia Aquarium, as a part of their Veterans Immersion program. I’m an avid swimmer, I was a lifeguard in high school and I come from a family of SCUBA divers. But nothing I’ve ever experienced compares with floating alongside over 500 sea animals, including the swift sea turtle, gigantic manta rays and particularly the colossal whale sharks who delighted in brushing up against a bunch of terrified swimmers. I’ve never felt at once so minute, so insignificant while simultaneously sure of my place in the world and so at peace. I’m still here for a reason, a purpose. And like the fish that come in every color of the rainbow, I realized that I’m perfectly designed and fearfully and wonderfully made and so are you.

So South Fulton, I challenge you to harness that feeling. The nervousness and excitement that I experienced in the giant tank are not unlike the feelings our kids are having as they transition from one school to the next, from one level to the higher one. New backpack filled with shiny new packs of pencils and paper (Is everything electronic now?), anticipation mixes with a little fear of the unexpected as they carefully select their outfits for the first day (Check out the editorial fashion spread of cool outfits provided by the GAP at the Avenues in Peachtree City). First impressions hold such a huge importance.  Give your first-day-of-Kindergarten self a pep talk: “Go for it. Take a chance. Have some fun. Make a new friend.” Then take your own advice.

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