What to Expect 1

Home-to-School Transitions

Young children starting new care or learning experiences often struggle during the start of a new school year. Below are a few tips to best support your family, the community of educators and your child during the transition to a new school.

Students that are experiencing a new environment and new schedule may exhibit different behaviors to communicate their fear or discomfort. There are some students that adapt easily and will have a great experience from the onset. However, tears at drop off are the most common behavior that parents will experience during the first 30 to 90 days. Gradually during this period of adjustment, parents and caregivers will see improvement until the child has built a trusting relationship with the new community.

Examples of different behaviors may include, decrease in appetite or increased preference for a special type of food. Another child can seem withdrawn during activities or shy until they have built relationships with their new classmates. Regardless of the type of behavior, when there is a strong school-family relationship one will often start to see improvements during the adaptation period.