How Many People Read My Letter? 

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me just tell you: I love the great outdoors.  Actually I don’t.  Unless the great outdoors involves a stocked RV that looks like a penthouse on wheels, fully equipped with satellite TV, awesome food, a hot shower with body sprays, a Big Green Egg, comfy bed…you see where I’m going here.  I actually wouldn’t mind the great outdoors—camping, hunting, swimming in the lake, as long as I could come back to that fully outfitted behemoth.   What I love is the great indoors.  While I’m watching great outdoorsy sports.  LIKE FOOTBALL!  Football is what I live and die for.  I get excited in August when pre-season rolls around, and then September: there is a God.

Well, whether you’re the indoor or outdoor type, we’ve got some great things for you in this issue.   Falcons fans, flip a few pages to see what our boys have in store for us this season.  Beer lovers unite—at Arches Brewery, that is!   Hapeville is on the beer map!  And, calling all MEN!  Check out the Ultimate Man Cave article—you will be drooling all over yourself when you finish that read.

Well, I’m going to go get settled in for a great football season.  Look forward to seeing you next month!  Feel free to reach out anytime at  

A bientôt, Sofu!