The Ultimate Man Cave Experience 3

Picture it.

It’s an hour before game time when the guys start arriving. You kick back, shoot a few games of pool, or perhaps play a game of billiards. Then the main event. You and your crew sit back in style, ice cold drinks in hand, food a heartbeat away. From your control center, you turn on the game, adjust the surround-sound audio, and experience the game as if you are one of the players on the field. This is comfort. This is luxury. This is your man cave.

“A man cave is any interior space that reflects the likes of the man of the house. He can have his own space to cater to his needs, or do as he pleases in this space,” states Pamela Freeman, Principle/Designer, Masterpiece Designs. It’s more than just a place to call your own; it’s a place that reflects your personality, and offers a feeling of escape into your own world.

The great thing about creating this world is there are no definitive rules. First, you want to find a space in the house that appeals to you. Maybe the basement? Rec room? Loft? “Look with an open mind,” notes Pamela. Don’t put yourself in a box. “Any place can be a man cave. Even a garage may be the ultimate man cave for the avid car collector,” she says.

Once your area has captured your eye, it’s time to set the atmosphere. Find the focal point of the space. Check out that ‘60s jukebox that helps you travel back in time or spark up nostalgia by paying homage to an ‘80s video arcade. Eclectic paintings, or a rare coin collection can appeal to the artistic connoisseur. An authentic movie house popcorn machine can be an excellent conversation piece. Perhaps a shrine of sorts to your hometown football team, complete with players’ jerseys, team pictures and other memorabilia, creates the tone you are looking for. Even the sleekest, sexiest, modern technology can keep you engrossed for hours.

Next it’s time to make this room feel like home. “Comfortable seating, great color on the walls, a place to keep beverages like a refrigerator or a kegerator, and TV for the sports enthusiast are all must haves,” Pamela mentions. That seating could mean a luxury leather reclining massage chair, or custom home theater seats. Wall color can include bold splashes or muted earth tones. Instead of ice, you may prefer to chill your drinks without watering them down with an ice ball maker. And while you may not be able to get a hold of a custom 370-inch custom-made TV (yes, it exists), you can surely achieve your own slice of HD visual heaven. Gauge your preferences by visiting high-end electronics stores. Take in a car show to view some classic vehicles that could adorn your space. And spend hours perusing unique combinations of gaming tables that double as dining areas. The possibilities are infinite.

After you’ve nailed down preferences, taken appropriate measurements and envisioned the final product, it’s time to put it all together. Whether you call on a contractor or embark upon the adventure yourself, the outcome is sure to be satisfying. Rewarding. And yours.

Enjoy your ultimate man cave experience.