Kathy Hood and the vision that became Woman University 4

Who is Kathy Hood?

Kathy is a wife, mother, grandmother, a servant, an Ambassador of Christ, the South Fulton Chamber Marketing Manager, a very active member of Word of Faith Light of Joy, a gift coach, Founder and CEO of two companies and then some. She impressively wears all those hats well.  Her typical day shows you how well she wears those hats. Kathy has a monthly, weekly and daily outline of all that she is to accomplish. When I asked her what her typical day was like she rolled it off like a role call and even had family time blocked off. Oh, did I mention her list of hobbies and me time are just as impressive?

How did Woman University come about?

Discover U. Design U. Dare U. These are the foundations of Woman University, which is actually a part of Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, Inc., founded in 2005.  Hood founded Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, Inc. and the Dare to be Beautiful Annual Weekend Retreat at a time in her life when she was experiencing challenges of feeling unwanted, unloved & un-beautiful. Dare to be Beautiful was birthed out of a revelation given to her from God. With this revelation, she was charged with ministering to women to make them mighty in their gift. From the revelation, Woman University (“Woman U”) was birthed. Woman University is a ground-breaking 3-step coaching program for women.  The program was created to assist them with the breakthrough of discovering what is holding them back:  to map a crystal clear plan for what they want out of life and how to take action to achieve their vision. The Discover, Design, and Dare Program is a 3 month progressive approach in facilitating the transition of women as they step into fulfilling their destiny. Please visit WomanUniversity.net for more information.

What advice would you give someone entering your program?

Hood recommends a strict level of dedication for ladies entering her program through all three phases. You have to be laser beam focused in your attendance and active participation. She stated it is crucial for you to receive a positive 100% return on your investment. Think of it as honoring yourself and your commitment.

How can others get involved?

There are multiple ways to get involved. Of course you can always make donation or take The PROMise pledge and encourage others to do the same or volunteer. Also, there is a retreat upcoming retreat and State of the Woman Address (SOTW). Visit WomanUniversity.net for upcoming information.

I had an amazing interview with Kathy Hood of Woman University. There was so much amazing synergy she bought to the interview I could not wait to share it with you. At the end on the interview my soul had been feed and I was thinking of candidates for her next Woman University session.