Learning is in Our Nature 3

Trade Tests for Trees at Chattahoochee Hills Charter School

Looking for the best school for your children can be a bit of a headache. When looking for a good school, what is your criteria? Great learning environment, excellent educators, and a regular classroom environment? Or is it indoor/outdoor classrooms, recess every day, learning gardening or hiking trails?  If you said, “YES!” to any of these, Chattahoochee Hills Charter School might be a perfect fit for your child.  This school is located right here in South Fulton.  “Where is this school?,” many ask. Just take the trek down South Fulton Parkway.  At first sight, the school looks like a campsite or even constant recess.  The unique design of the school does not look like your typical school.  Each grade has their learning cottage, which allows natural sunlight and can be easily transformed into an outdoor learning space.

In it’s first two school years “Chatt Hills,” as the school is affectionately known, has outperformed some of Fulton County’s and the whole state of Georgia’s top schools. How do they do it?  They hire some of the best teachers that have loads of imagination and creativity.  Also, by incorporating the nature around us into the classroom. Students and parents can’t say enough good things about Chatt Hills.  As one of the parents LaShaun Jones put it, “I had been looking for a great learning environment for my child but don’t want to have to drive him 30 miles away every day for it. Then this gold mine pops up. Thanks for teaching my son that learning is in his nature through nature.”

On any average day on campus, you may catch the principal Walter Butler riding his bike through the outside hallway or students tending to the many of the school’s chickens, rabbits, and goats. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that the school is set on a farm.  You may even see classes being held outside.  The students seem to flourish in this school environment.  Chatt Hills has fewer students missing school due to illness.  Even if students were sick, they beg their parents to bring them to school.  Our PTO President Michelle Vaughn can attest to this, “I love that my kids are up before me on school days and never want to miss a day! CHCS makes learning more about acquiring knowledge and exploring the world and less about testing!”

This is the third school year for Chatt Hills and the school has really grown.  The school has gone from 350 students the first year to 600 in it’s third year and 750 on the waiting list to get in.  The word is out about this South Fulton gem. Personally, as a parent whose daughter attends Chatt Hills, I can truly say that I love this school for her.  Being outside in nature allows for her creativity grow. The academic structure challenges the students and they have fun learning at the same time. This school truly lives up to it’s mission, “Learning is in our nature.”