Finding Your Style in the AmericasMart Showrooms 1

The fall Home Show at AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta was nothing short of amazing.  The 15th floor showed all of the home décor imagined for fall. It was simply amazing. I looked at home décor from Cody Ables of CODARUS, Doug Self of j.douglas, Mona Press of Art & Frame Source and Scott White at JLA Home and Olliix.

Home décor is always a unique space. It is the largest expression of you. Everyone has a unique style and wants their space to feel unique and very much like home. Between the styles of classic, traditional, modern, trendy, chic, bohemian along with various collections and so many other styles you can literally have any home décor you wish to express your style and even your personality type.  Fall home décor may even have seasonal accents or holiday accents according to your style or personality of your décor with a twist.

Scott White

When I interviewed Scott White, he was extremely excited about his Olliix brand.  He has two other brands: JLA Home and ee1994. However, Olliix was his golden child for Home Show week and it was obvious. The Olliix brand offers so much. And guess who is their biggest audience? Yes, the millennial and baby boomers.  Yep, the grands.  The grandparent and grandchild alike are loving this brand and this is totally understandable.  After visiting the websites of his three brands and speaking with him, I quickly understood and appreciated the Olliix brand ( and how it caters to the millennial and baby boomers. The neutral colors with the ability to streamline is ideal, not to mention the fact that the color accent can be mild or bold, a plus with this brand.

Ollix has a warehouse in Savannah of about 75,000 square feet and will soon be moving to their new warehouse which measures 100,000 square feet within the next few months. As you can see Olliix is definitely growing and doing wonderful things. Olliix also has showrooms in High Point, NC as well as Miami, FL. They are known for carrying such brands as INK+IVY, Intelligent Design, Echo Design, Madison Park, Madison Park Signature, Metropolitan Home, Mi Zone, Mi Zone Kids and Woolrich to name a few.

Mona Press of Art & Frame Source

Mona Press is a family owned business which entered the industry in 1978. Originally importing wood from Italy and Spain for the picture framing business, the business evolved into what we know today as Mona Press of Art Source.  Most of their customers buy their artwork through representatives because you cannot buy direct from them. I quickly discovered the unique quality of this brand. They are extremely unique on different levels. One level is that since they own all of their images, the customer has the freedom to totally embrace the artwork and change the color and size to create a signature look for the project every single time.

Mona Press of Art Source offers the following services

  • Art Specification
  • Extensive Variety with Ability to Customize
  • Factory Art Representatives across the US and Canada
  • Private Label

They have showrooms in Atlanta, GA as well as High Point, NC.

AmericasMart Atlanta is an exclusive, luxury playground.  As one of the world’s largest wholesale centers, AmericasMart stretches across the bottom of Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street) with four buildings and at least seven million square feet of the latest apparel, rugs, home décor and gifts, which results in amazing all spread out. It is truly a playground for adults.  It is famously known as “The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.” Built in 1957 AmericasMart hosts multiple annual shows such as Market Wednesday, Atlanta Apparel, and the Atlanta Spring Immediate Delivery.

AmericasMart Atlanta is the nation’s only global wholesale marketplace housing the world’s single-largest collection of home, gift, area rug and apparel merchandise. The largest of AmericasMart’s 16 annual Markets and shows, The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market and The Atlanta International Area Rug Market in January and July are the ignition switch for global retailing with buyers from every U.S. state and as many as 70 countries discovering product in more than 1,500 showrooms and more than 3,000 temporary exhibiting companies. ICON HONORS, the home and gift industry’s most celebrated recognition program, is produced and staged annually by AmericasMart.

Located in downtown Atlanta, the AmericasMart complex contains more than seven million square feet of space. It’s a huge global stage on which manufacturers, designers and sales representatives unveil new lines, launch new designs and introduce new categories – all for the benefit of buyers seeking all that is fresh and first in the home, rug, gift and apparel arenas. For more information, please visit