Martine Bartley Excels on Stage and Online  3

Martine Bartley is no ordinary 17-year-old. Since the age of 8, this star has charmed audiences with her graceful classical ballet performances each year. A student at the Ballethnic Academy of Dance in East Point, Martine and her troupe present the “Urban Nutcracker” at the Riverside EpiCenter in Austell this month.

In addition to her exceptional prowess as a dancer, Martine is a motivated student dedicated to balancing her ballet training with an excellent high school education. As a senior at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), an online public school that educates students via an engaging online curriculum, hands-on materials and Internet-based classrooms led by state-certified teachers, Martine demonstrates her ability and drive to achieve her goals both in and out of the classroom.

“Martine is so driven and responsible,” said Chantal Bartley, Martine’s mother. “I knew she would do well at online school, and she has not proved me wrong. She is actually more engaged in her studies now. Sitting in the traditional classroom setting was boring for her, because she couldn’t move through the lessons at her own pace. At GCA, she has more control, which is perfect for a girl who is so self-motivated.”

Last year as a junior at Georgia Cyber Academy, Martine achieved straight As. This year, as a senior, Martine is focused on earning her high school diploma while apprenticing with Ballethnic and auditioning for professional companies and college ballet programs.

Having attended summer dance intensives locally since age 9, Martine was awarded merit scholarships to the Dance Theatre of Harlem and The Orlando Ballet. She is most proud of her participation in the Governor’s Honors Program in Dance and her apprenticeship with the Ballethnic Dance Company.

“Martine’s goal is to dance professionally, but she also knows that she needs to succeed academically in order to grow into a successful adult,” Chantal said. “We are so glad she took the initiative to find Georgia Cyber Academy and pursue her education alongside her professional ballet aspirations.”

The perfect kickoff to the holiday season, Ballethnic presents the “Urban Nutcracker” from November 16-19. For tickets, visit