Welcome to the Lifestyle Publications Family!

Hey South Fulton,

I just flew in from Kansas City and my arms are so tired! I attended my first corporate training and just like when I left D’Lor Spa I came home relaxed, excited and rejuvenated. This is a company that feels like family, rooted in faith, and committed to each local community. I don’t have to tell you that our own Michelle Willis is a rock star and dazzled our colleagues with equal parts comedy and motivational speaking! But no surprise there. That’s what we do in South Fulton!

South Fulton Lifestyle is no fly by night operation. There will be no “Grand Opening” followed by an equally grand closing. This is evidenced by our staying power and growth in the last year. We are supported by the teams of our corporate structure and our publisher, sales team, layout team and editor work together to bring you the best local information. For each page of local advertising, it is my pleasure to bring you one page of local content. That means more good news, more awesome students, more doing good, more weddings (YAY! Love!), more business success stories, more church happenings, more family spotlights, more beautiful photos of our spectacular neighborhood! Can you tell I’m excited? Email me at emitchell@lifestylepubs.com. Submit stories and photos! I love to hear your suggestions and content ideas.

And don’t forget to advertise with us, your neighbors. This is truly a win-win! Did you know South Fulton Lifestyle stays in the home of your customers for an average of three months? I had a reader tell me he had saved every issue. And if you read your SFL like I read mine, you flip through a couple times enjoying the lovely visuals and then go back to closely read each article. Think about how many times your customers would see your advertisement! There are so many testimonials on how SFL has helped to connect businesses in this community! Nothing warms my heart more!

This home issue has been one of my favorite issues to assemble. Hope you enjoy it just as much!