Inspired By the Black Doll Affair

Their Mission is Donating Dolls and Spreading Joy and Self-Esteem

Are you aware of that black and white doll test wherein black children overwhelmingly identified the black doll as bad, ugly and least preferred? These results were disconcerting, to say the least, in that they were so indicative of the negative view these black children had of themselves. The Black Doll Affair invites you to become a living Black Doll and to join the movement created to address the issue of poor self-image in black women and girls.

The Black Doll Affair, founded in 2007 by Dana “Mama Doll” Hill, is a worldwide self-esteem movement created specifically for black women and girls. Stars of the movement are called “The Black Dolls”. The mission of “The Black Dolls” and their “Porcelain Pals” (non-black Dolls) is to change the way black girls are perceived and perceive themselves. The Black DollAffair does this by donating toy black dolls to lift a black child’s self-esteem in a practice called ‘Be a Doll, Give a doll.’ In addition, Black Dolls give back in their communities through acting “dolling”- referred to as being “Pretty …Philanthropic.” Awarded Barack Obama’s Presidential Volunteer Service Award; honored with a day on the calendar; supported by Barbie at Mattel Toys, Macy’s Inc.; actor Taye Diggs and fans, The Black Doll Affair is preparing to celebrate ten years of being “Pretty…Philanthropic!”

When a black woman becomes a Black Doll, Mama Doll advises them to be willing to change the way they are perceived through letting go of any and all negative actions that could possibly put black girls and women in a bad light; such perceived “bad behaviors” may contribute to a child’s rejection of the black doll. When interacting with The Black Dolls of The Black Doll Affair, Mama Doll admonishes: “Please do not call the Black Dolls ‘Role Models.’ A Role Model is a contrived idea based on societal standards that entertains the egos of others. Imperfect! I want The Black Dolls to be given the opportunity to grow into those big shoes called LOVE; all the while being allowed to make inevitable life mistakes. Our goal is to become better individuals, make a positive impact on the black girl’s legacy, and leave the world better because of our efforts. The Black Dolls strive to become ICONIC examples of “dolling” behavior. To achieve this, the most important thing for The Black Dolls to have is love in their hearts and surrounding them. That’s the reason I chose the black heart as The Black Doll Affair’s iconic symbol. With love for self (the black doll) and others (the white doll) in the forefront of the Dolls’ mission, we can and will reverse Doll Test results. When we begin to know for sure that LOVE is all there is, terms like role models will have NO PLACE in our society. The Black Dolls are icons that put on a show for all those willing to play, love, grow.”

The Black Doll Affair seeks to make the world a better place because of and with Black Dolls – those real and faux. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, The Black Doll Affair and Black Dolls are rolling out The Black Doll Affair’s mission by donating black dolls across the globe! Follow The Black Doll Affair on Facebook to learn where the dolls will be delivered Christmas season 2016.

In U.S. cities across the country, the 2016 Black Doll Deliveries are scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2016. To capture the day in photos follow hashtag: #blackdollmagic -To learn more, become a Black or Porcelain Doll, and/or view DollTests go to:  Facebook: @theblackdollaffair | Instagram:  @blackdollaffair | Twitter: @blackdollaffair