Michelle's Holiday Picks 3

Gifts Picked by Our Publisher

For Him

I love a man that smells good. Even better, I like being the reason he smells good.  So, my guy is probably getting Ovation for Men for Christmas (I’m hoping he’s not reading this). It’s clean, and it leaves just enough of a soft scent to let me know he was there. Yep, that’s my go to for the season. The only luxury men’s fragrance dedicated to the premium urban consumer. “A balanced blend of patchouli, bergamot, cashmere wood, aqua, and vibrant notes of citrus. Rated best new fragrance. Every man deserves an Ovation.” Find it online at OvationforMen.com.

How about a cool website you can go to and find just about everything that would be great for the hip, sleek male. Enter AllMandatory.com.  You can literally check things off your list with a few clicks. I love the Michoud & Irish watch (I don’t just like it because the first few letters in the name sound like Michelle. Do you think I’m that vain?  Well maybe a little but mostly it’s because it’s a cool friggin’ watch)  Or how about a smart satchel for the busy guy on the go? Or maybe a fitted grab and go jacket when you’re headed out for a cas dinner? Whatever your druthers, find your picks online at AllMandatory.com.

You know you can get seats to the new stadium starting at $500, right?  Of course those aren’t the best seats in the house, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.  Trust me, it will work at any level. You saw our spread in a previous issue about how out of control this new stadium is gonna be. Do you want to be the only people who can’t get in the place?  No is the answer. Go on and make that happen at MercedesBenzStadium.com.

For Her

Savvy Interiors & Design

I love expensive Christmas ornaments.  I’m sure Restoration Hardware and Frontgate see me coming every year: except this one!   Because I found someone right here in Sofu that makes custom high-end Christmas ornaments.  My tree is gonna love me, as I will envelope it in some of the most bedazzled, crystallized and glassized (I made that up) ornaments its ever seen.  And, they’ll be one of a kind.  So the likelihood that you will have the same ones as me will be slim to none.  Savvy does interior design, too.  But that’s another month.  Thanks, Savvy!  Find them online at SavvyID.com.

For Him and Her:

Infiniti Q60 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition- The Ultimate Gift

If you can pull that off, then go for it. You can screw up for about five years, and just point to the garage if you’re ever called on it. I think that’s all I need to say about that.

Where’s a place that you can satisfy a woman’s need to be pampered, and make sure there’s a little something in it for the man, too?  Try Miss She Body Cocktails.  Candles that smell good and can be used for massages as well?  Send the kids to the sitter for the night.  Or how about moisturizing mustache and beard balm, or men’s moisturizing shave cream?  OR, body mousse that smells like a tropical paradise, and feels like it once it hits your skin?  Ever heard of CHOCOLATE MINT LIP SCRUB??!!!  I tasted it.  It smelled too good not to.  Don’t judge me.  So, there’s that.  Do I really need to go on?  No.  Find them online at MissShe.net.